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Kudos to the IDF

Face the facts, it’s only (dangerous) wishful thinkers who push the meme that ”the overwhelming majority of Arabs in the Palestianian Authority are moderates”. when push comes to shove, and it does frequently, they’re a bunch of Jew haters, with lots of Islamic indoctrination to back them up.

Palestinian protesters, police clash at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem on Nakba Day, May 15, 2013.

3 Palestinians killed in gun battles with security forces in Jenin

LAST UPDATED: 03/22/2014 12:23

Hamas member Hamza Abu Aleija comes out of house firing, is shot dead by special forces; at least 2 rioters killed in exchange of fire with IDF.

IDF forces in Kalandia (Marc Israel Sellem)

Three Palestinians were shot dead in gun battles that erupted during a counterterrorism raid in Jenin early on Saturday.

Security forces had entered the refugee camp in the West Bank city to arrest a security suspect, later named as Hamas member Hamza Abu Aleija.

(Helmet camera footage of operation, Credit: Israel Police)

He planned to carry out a campaign of shooting attacks on Israeli civilians and military targets after receiving instructions to do so from Hamas in the Gaza Strip, according to the army.

The IDF is on standby in the West Bank for the possibility of an increase in disturbances in the coming days.

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