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Lebanese Hezbollah militants gesture as

Report: Hezbollah sources claim responsibility for Golan attack

03/20/2014 20:03

Sources tell Arab paper that Israel already violated the rules of the game, and that Hezbollah is “ready for war.”

Hezbollah members carry mock rockets next to a poster of the group's leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

Hezbollah members carry mock rockets. Photo: REUTERS/Ali Hashisho

Sources close to Hezbollah’s leadership took responsibility for the bombing that injured four Israeli soldiers on the Golan border on Tuesday, telling an Arab newspaper that Hezbollah is “ready for war.”

They told an Arab newspaper that Israel violated the rules of the game when it attacked Hezbollah on the Lebanese-Syrian border last month, and that it showed Israel was “ready for war.”

Israel attacked, believing the party was busy in Syria and would not open up another front, said the sources quoted by the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Raion Thursday.

“The response was quick and we did not content ourselves to respond with our own strike, but to do even better, and we will increase them [these attacks] as well,” said the sources.

The attack last month by Israel was meant to test Hezbollah, to see if we would follow Syria’s example and not respond. However, Hezbollah is not like Syria, which is busy fighting against terrorists at home and avoids opening up another front, said the sources.

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