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The hacks at YLE  use the adjective of ”populist” once again, in describing the Finns party, but my guess is that they would never do that to other parties’ use of populist messaging, let alone the EU, which spends massively taxpayer money in shameless populist self promotion.

Finns’ Party demands higher defence spending

The populist party claims Finland’s credible defence capability is too weak, and promises to increase the armed forces’ budget if they gain power after the next election.

Varusmies tähtää rynnäkkökiväärillä maastossa.
A student at Finland’s Reserve Officer School in Hamina aims an assault rifle during an exerciseImage: Yle Kymenlaakso

Finland needs to bolster its defence resources, the Finns’ Party claimed on Saturday, calling current government cuts to the defence budget “irresponsible”.

The Finns’ Party say they want the budget increased at least to levels recommended in the defence administration’s annual defence and security policy report.

The report estimates that the defence budget should be increased by about 50 million euros in 2016, and then gradually by a further 150 million euros above inflation by the year 2020.

The Finns’ Party pledged to increase defence spending as soon as the next parliamentary term begins. Finns’ Party leader and chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee Timo Soini also called for each party to make their position on this issue clear. His call was echoed by the chair of the Defence Committee and fellow Finns’ Party MP, Jussi Niinistö.

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