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Moroccan scum= those Moroccans who are scamming/raping the system.

Lets see, a disproportionate number of Moroccans are involved in criminal activity in the Netherlands, and someone taking note of that inconvenient truth, and prescribes the correct action, is the bad guy here? Saying that there should be ”fewer and fewer of them” is not the same as saying all should be removed.

NOTE: Wilders has absolutely no problem whatsoever with any law abiding immigrant or Dutch citizen from a foreign background who actually contributes to Dutch society.

Dutch politician referred to prosecutors for anti-Moroccan remarks

Geert Wilders, leader of the Netherlands' Party for Freedom, and far-right leader Marine Le Pen of France address a news conference in The Hague

Geert Wilders, leader of the Netherlands’ Party for Freedom, and far-right leader Marine Le Pen of France address a news conference in The Hague (reuters tickers)

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch anti-immigration politician Geert Wilders was referred to prosecutors on Thursday after making anti-Moroccan remarks at a campaign rally.

Wilders, whose hard-right, euro-sceptic Freedom Party (PVV) leads opinion polls before municipal elections next week, told supporters in The Hague he wanted fewer Moroccans there.

The PVV is competing in two municipalities in the March 19 poll, The Hague and Almere. It is expected to emerge on top in the Netherlands in elections for the European Parliament in May.

The most recent opinion poll, published last weekend, indicated the PVV would be the single largest party in the Dutch parliament if national elections were held now.

Wilders told supporters on Wednesday they should vote “for a city with fewer problems, and if it’s at all possible, a few fewer Moroccans”, according to the ANP news agency.

A public anti-discrimination watchdog said it had received three complaints and passed them on to public prosecutors. The prosecutors confirmed they would consider the matter.

In a later interview with broadcaster RTL Z, Wilders said “Moroccan scum” should leave the Netherlands, and that Moroccans were over-represented in crime statistics and in the number of people receiving social benefit.

Wilders has a history of statements that upset Muslims and Eastern European migrant workers. He was prosecuted for hate crimes and discrimination for calling Islam a fascist ideology in 2007 and was acquitted in June 2011.

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  1. They’re only going after him again because he /is/ leading in the polls and both municipal elections and EU elections are coming up. They’re scared silly that the Dutch people aren’t believing their bullshit anymore and might *gasp* vote for someone who will put the Dutch people first instead of people who rape and pillage the system! The horror!

    Keeping a close eye on this election. Crossing my fingers PVV gets a clean sweep, and continues to build momentum. Go Geert, go!

    1. Exactly right Der Kanadier, he’s got a target on his back from all sides. Lets hope he does in fact get a clean sweep!

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