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What is it with Muslim women and biting?

I have run into this phenomenon more than just a few times in news stories over the years, Muslim women biting others for whatever the reason. Bizarre.

blood taste

Mother acquitted of biting her daughter

By Staff Emirates 24/7
Published Thursday, March 13, 2014

An Abu Dhabi court acquitted a mother of charges filed by her husband that she bit her little daughter while she was playing at the back garden of her house.

The father, at odds with his wife, had told police that he believes his wife had bitten their daughter on her leg and that she had also smacked her.

The father said a medical report showed the child suffered from a bite wound on her thigh and bruises on her body.

“The father told court that his wife smacked their daughter and bit her leg while she was playing at the back garden of her house,” Emarat Al Youm said.

“But his wife denied the charges and said the girl was playing with other children who could have caused such wounds…the court decided that the husband did not provide sufficient evidence and acquitted his wife from those charges.”

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