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Like I said, proliferation of nukes in the ME will result if Iran is allowed to attain de facto nuke weapons capability. It’s not just an Israeli problem, with each Muslim state acquiring nukes, it increases the possibility/liklihood of Islamic terrorists getting their hands on them.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the Saudis haven’t a fear of Israeli nukes in a period lacking hostilities between the two sides, they can’t say the same about Muslim states.

‘The moment Iran goes nuclear, the Saudis will buy the bomb from Pakistan’

03/12/2014 09:09

Director of Political-Military Affairs for the Defense Ministry, Amos Gilad, says that if Tehran succeeds in getting bomb, chain reaction race for arms will be ignited in Arab world.


Amos Gilad speaking at conference Photo: KOBI ZOLTAK

As soon as Iran gets a nuclear bomb, Egypt will develop its own nuclear weapon, and Saudi Arabia will purchase one from Pakistan, Maj.-Gen. (res.) Amos Gilad, director of political-military affairs at the Defense Ministry, warned on Tuesday.

Speaking at a conference held by the Institute for Policy and Strategy, at IDC Herzliya, Gilad said, “The Arabs will not tolerate the Persians having the bomb. From the moment theIranians get the bomb, the Egyptians have the resources, capability and know-how to achieve nuclear capabilities, and the Saudis will run to buy the bomb from the Pakistanis with a ‘member’s discount.'”

Iran is trying to get nuclear weapons, and won’t give up on this goal in talks with the powers, Gilad cautioned.

The Islamic Republic will not forfeit “any essential component in its quest for nuclear capabilities. This is true even if it agrees to reduce uranium enrichment for tactical needs, and maintaining the stability of the regime there. I’m disturbed that they [the international community] are going for an interim agreement mechanism. After six months, there will be another six months, and then there will be cracks in the wall of sanctions,” he added.

Israel has exercised a great deal of deterrent power, Gilad stated.

“The sense among our rivals is that we can deal with every aggregate of strategic threats,” he said.

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