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He’s right about Le Pen, I couldn’t support her group at all, but Wilders PVV is something altogether different.

Sampo Terho: No co-operation with the far right

Sampo Acorn: No co-operation with the far right

The most recent European-wide projections for the right-wing populists are an avalanche win in upcoming European elections. EU-critical groups in the new Parliament are expected to be represented in nearly a fifth of the seats.

Public opinion polls across Europe configured by the VoteWatch  organization, according to the most recent forecast, the True Finns would be gaining another seat in the European Parliament. The party’s current MEP, Sampo Terho, declares that the True Finns will stay away from the possibility of a new far-right group that is emerging under France’s, Marine Le Pen and Netherlands’ Geert Wilders’ leadership.

– It’s been obvious between me and the chairman in discussions. Extreme right-wing group would be a clear step backward, and in addition to being involved, it would lead to all sorts of risks to reputation, Terho says.

In the current EU parliament, the right-wing is divided into a national conservative ECR group, a degree more EU-critical EFD, as well as to mixed among the non-aligned right-wing extremist. Sampo Terho who belongs to the EFD hopes that the new Parliament of existing ECR and EFD’s can combine forces into an influential coalition.

In spite of an expected crushing Euro win, the overwhelming majority is made up of more and more pro-EU groups. According to the researchers a Right-wing wing would not likely result in a major shift in practice in EU politics.

– It may well happen that the nationalist and populist parties will receive significantly more votes, but their influence does not grow in the European Parliament, the Tampere University of Political Science Professor Tapio Raunio estimates.  h/t. Olli Immonen


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  1. And once again…. the obvious question that is routinely ignored:
    What is the definition of “extremist”, “right-wing extremist”, “far-right”?
    As long as there is no definition, I ignore such crap.

  2. Sampo is writing more about beer than real things, nowadays.

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