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Yeah, like getting out of this liberty crushing entity.

collapsing EU

Not only has the EU, as a political entity, not been responsible for maintaining peace on the continent (individual pluralistic democracies have), it’s one of the key forces creating cracks within the civil societies of individual states with its dangerous policies, thereby leading to a breakout of violence throughout the fake union and across the continent.

In regards to Russia, the EU is highly beholden to the trans-Siberian oil pipeline warned about by the late great Ronald Reagan. I see no serious (EU) move against the neo-Soviet regime of Vladimir Putin, any more than I see them moving against the Iranians.

NOTE: Olli Rehn deserves an orange jumpsuit. In the words of the great wordsmith Bob Dylan:

‘Steal a little and they put you jail, steal a lot and they make you a king”

Rehn: Spring elections to address vital EU issues

Olli Rehn, the EU Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, visited Finland on Friday to talk about the upcoming spring elections for European Parliament. Rehn says the elections will be exceptionally important, as they will call attention to fundamental EU issues, such as efforts to maintain peace on the continent and economic recovery. For now, the unstable situation in Ukraine poses an immense challenge, requiring all of the EU’s time and effort.

Komissaari Olli Rehn vieraili EU arjessa -kiertueen viimeisessä tilaisuudessa Hämeenlinnassa.
Olli Rehn is a candidate in the European elections on May 25th. Image: Ville Välimäki / Yle

One of Finland’s most distinguished politicians on the world stage, EU Commissioner Olli Rehn toured the city of Hämeenlinna on Friday as part of the “EU in everyday life” tour. He began his day with a talk on Ukraine at a meeting of the city’s Paasikivi Society, continuing after lunch with a visit to the local shopping mall to meet with city residents. In the afternoon, Rehn assured a hundred-strong audience at the town hall that the European economy is assuredly recovering.

More here at the Finnish state propaganda institution YLE, which by the way, laughably calls this hack ”distinguished”.

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