Or as I like to refer to the region, Tatardstan

Crimean Tatars XVIIC by caastel

Live Science:

5. Crimean Tatars wield influence

For proof that the past is never really gone, you need look no further than Crimea, home to an ancient ethnic group known as the Tatars, who still wield considerable influence.

Primarily Muslim, the Tatars of Crimea were instrumental in making the peninsula one of the centers of Islamic culture. They were also known as slave traders who raided lands as far north as modern-day Poland.

NOTE: How many of you growing up, ever heard your teachers telling you about Muslim Tatar slavers raiding Poland and other parts of Europe for slaves? No? Well me neither, I just heard about the white Christian European slave traders, who by default, were cast as the inventors of the evil institution. We never were schooled in the subject of the Islamic slave trade, and never about the black Africans themselves who turned their ancient trade in human flesh (when not boiling it for human consumption) into an international market.

H/T: Fjordman

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