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The War Against Israel (WAI) has been on multiple fronts and on different levels, and highly steeped in traditional antisemitism, whether they know and/or admit it or not.

The European war on Israel’s courts

03/01/2014 22:00

It has become necessary to rethink the role of foreign-funded NGOs in the Israeli legal system.


Gavel Photo: REUTERS/Chip East

When I first introduced the concept of “lawfare” against Israel in 2008, focusing on attempts by NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to have Israeli officials arrested abroad for alleged war crimes, people would frequently ask why I did not include the myriad of litigation brought by NGOs in Israeli courts. My typical response was that it was legitimate for NGOs to challenge government policy in domestic courts, and this did not constitute anti-Israel lawfare.

However, I am rethinking this position.

NGO Monitor has discovered massive funding provided by the UK, the EU and Norway to the Norwegian Refugee Council(NRC), which in turn is funneled to local NGOs in order to flood Israeli courts with hundreds of lawsuits.

Since 2011, these governments have provided the NRC with a staggering $20 million in taxpayer funds to wage legal warfare on Israel. This funding is directed toward the NRC’s “Information Counselling and Legal Assistance” (ICLA) project. According to documents examined by NGO Monitor from the British government, the aim of the project is to manipulate Israeli democracy to achieve “changes in Israeli policy and practice” and to provide “evidence and analysis to form the basis for international pressure on Israel.”

In practice, NRC has used its millions to finance a flood of lawsuits before Israeli courts and administrative bodies. The scope of NRC’s interference in the Israeli legal system is unprecedented. With its EU and European government financing, the NRC has funded at least 700 cases in Israeli courts. Documents show that NRC is responsible for 51 percent of all “house demolition” cases in Area C and 35% of all legal cases dealing with housing, land and property claims in east Jerusalem and Area C.

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