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February 26, 2014

” Muslim Obligations in Promoting Justice, in America “

By: Lance Silver and Andrew Palashewsky

This past Saturday evening, Feb. 22nd, University of Pennsylvania Law School hosted the “Eight Annual Muslim Law Students Conference” on the topic of “ MUSLIM OBLIGATIONS IN PROMOTING JUSTICE, IN AMERICA.“ Our interest in Islamic Law as American citizens is to learn first-hand exactly what Muslim American Law students are being taught, .

The fairly innocuous and well-meaning title of the program masked the true intent, which we believe is to lull the audience and our society into a false sense of complacency regarding the real aims of Islamic incursion in our society; which Stephen Coughlin covers in his must read thesis, “ To Our Great Detriment”, .

We were greeted with “As-Salamu ‘ Alaykum,” (Peace be upon you), upon entering the conference and by each speaker. What a comforting greeting. I responded with “Aslim Taslam” ,

As is typically the case, Conference attendees were highly educated and polite. This is a high-end mix of people who are difficult to fault on any personal level.

The attendees, primarily American and foreign Muslim Law students, as well as a few foreign lawyers, presented a mixed canvas racially; yet each person is culturally Islamic and a member of the Ummah, the global body of believers. The speakers and each future American Lawyer we spoke with advised us that Islam has been misinterpreted for 1,400 years. Isn’t that amazing? As if we had no ability to study the history of Islam from both Muslim and non-Muslim sources on our own.

We are authoring this report in response to what we believe is attempted hoodwinking, enabled by the practice of Taqiyya and Kitman, ,forms of lying encouraged in Islam ; if it is to be useful for the spread of Islam. No other religion/culture encourages it’s adoption by lying. But, because Islam is also a political theory that embodies military notions, the ability to further aims by deception is enshrined in the Qur’an and in Shari’ah, as it would be on the battlefield. The intended recipients of this mendacity were not only us, but the entire Law School.

The first speaker, Professor Faisal Kutty, presented us with a bogus definition of the terms Jihad and Islamophobia. He spoke of Jihad, as if it were apple pie with vanilla ice cream; splitting the term Jihad into its normative components – the “Lesser Jihad” meaning defensive or offensive military struggle and the “Greater Jihad”, meaning personal struggle for good against evil, ignoring the vast majority of references in the Qur’an on Jihad compelling Muslims to wage a military struggle.

Jihad is the term Muslims historically used when going on the offensive, to expand their empire. Jihad was always used as the normative call to action in the military conquest of vast tracts of formerly Christian, Jewish ,Hindu lands within 100 years of its founding by Muhammad. That empire still stands in terms of the Islamic culture it forced on the conquered Nations and cultures. However, present day Muslims state that Jihad is purely defensive.

The reality of Jihad is that Islam considers itself to be supremacist and must triumph, be victorious, over all other religions and cultures. Islam compels Muslims to spread Islam to all corners of the earth, first by invitation; Aslim-Taslam, which means, “Submit and Be At Peace”, ; and if that isn’t effective then by the sword or becoming dhimmi, that is living in dhimmitude as second class citizens,

Muhammad conquered many with that simple statement, Aslim-Taslam, which was intended to strike terror into the hearts of those offered the choice; and it did. This is the beginning of the Muslim Mafia mentality, perfected by the Ikhwan, Wahhabis, al-Quaeda, Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas etc. Likening it to the mafia is no facile comparison. Islam offered offered three choices to the people of the book; Convert, Pay the Jy’izia tax or lose the right to life and property. So when Islam characterized this choice as the benefit of protection, one must ask, protection from whom? Obviously, the answer is protection from Islam, which reserved the right to take life and property if the conditions of conversion or the payment of the Jy’izia tax were not met. How different is this from the Black hand extorting protection money from the neighborhood grocer?

If Islam does not succeed in becoming the world’s only true religion, then Muslims will not have fullfilled Allah’s commands in the Qur’an. Thus, Muslims are obligated to proselytize Islam throughout the world through da’wa and Jihad. Whether violently or nonviolently, this is accomplished with 100% impunity from Allah, as per the Qur’an. One could make the comparison with Christianity being a proselytizing religion, but Christianity as found in the Gospels does not allow the use of violence to spread the faith, whereas, Islam specifically does. Muslims may quote the Qur’an saying, “There is no compulsion in religion.” But, that statement is superseded and abrogated by later statements in the Qur’an that enthusiastically endorse violent compulsion in the spread of Islam.

Professor Faisal Kutty went on to make further incredible claims, saying that Terrorism had only killed 5 people in the last ten years. In this, presumably he was referring to within the US, and ignoring events like Major Hassan’s slaughter of fellow military personnel at Fort Hood, Texas. But, he also ignored the more than 10,000 terror attacks worldwide, in the last 10 years; almost all committed by Muslims and in which, ironically, many of the victims were fellow Muslims as well. Thousands of Christians, Jews and Hindus were victims as well.

He also claimed that the popular definition of Jihad is only accepted by the Taliban and by al-Quaeda, stating that they had sought to reinterpret the historical meaning of Jihad to support their violent means. In this he ignored 1,400 years of written teaching on Islam readily available from Muslim sources, as well as established treatment of Jihad in established Sharia sources like “The Reliance Of The Traveler”, Shafi’i Shari’ah , Section O9.1- Page 600 – Justice-Jihad; .  Many Muslims consider Jihad to be the 6th Pillar of Islam,’s_6th_Pillar/  .

In reality, his analysis is Taqiyya and Kitman, Is this what the law students are taught about Jihad by a respected law professor?

Lecture number two was delivered by Amara Chaurhry-Kravitz, a female secular Muslim Lawyer, who detailed her experience with Arab/Muslim Civil Rights in the Arab/Muslim community, agreeing that the profiling was cultural not racially based, because Islam is a culture not a race. She spoke of her work representing women and LGBT victims, seeming to suggest the many violations known to occur within the community against women in child custody, domestic violence and inheritance rights.

We further “learned” from Ms. Chaurhry-Kravitz, who locally represents CAIR, how absurd it is that her organizations, Council American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) should be associated in the popular mind with terrorism, while she made light of the Holy Land Foundation Trial,

In this she purposefully ignored the fact that ISNA, CAIR and the Muslims Students Union are all organizations founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, . She also blithely dismissed the dangers of Shari’ah, or Islamic law,  as relating only to matters of family disputes and inheritance rights. If that were so, no one would care about Shari’ah, likening its presence in the US to Jewish Halacha adjudication and Catholic Canon courts judging on the annulments of marriages.

It is precisely Shari’ah teaching about Jihad, the killing of apostates and Ridda blasphemy laws as well as the definition of Democracy as blasphemy that raises the most profound concern. These violations of our Bill of Rights, along with others, are what makes Shari’ah incompatible with a representative free Democracy and our constitution, but these were not even hinted at in the lecture.

She attempted to define what constitutes Muslim racial and Civil Rights profiling, giving examples of harassment of Muslims “flying while brown.” I answered that Muslim racial profiling is impossible because Islam and Muslims represent a culture not a Race.

She went on to define Islamophobia as an irrational fear of Islam, as if it weren’t a real concern. It’s real enough to Hindus, Jews, Coptic Christians, Maronite Christians, Sudanese and Nigerian Christians etc.  How is Islamophobia irrational, as we daily read about murderous attacks on innocent populations, . Just on Feb 25th , 2014, fifty nine children were hacked to death and burned in Nigeria. And what about Sudanese, Egyptian Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi and Libyan Christians, all of which have suffered extreme oppression, from sporadic massacres to outright genocide.

Lecture number three was by a Muslim women’s Lawyer, Fatina Abdrabboh Esq., experience with Arab Civil Rights violations by Muslims against other Muslims; in the Arab Muslim community and out of that community. She spoke of the many violations within the community against women, which happen to be resultant from Shari’ah Law conformity in Muslim society.

Our fourth and final lecture was by Professor Ramzi Kassem, defender of prisoners’ rights in Guantanamo Bay and in other “black sites” where Jihadist’s are interred by renditions without due process. He painted a picture of the US as a Stalinist state where the organs of internal security were violating every Muslims privacy rights on informer recruiting and fishing expeditions,

Professor Kassem decried the use of classified evidence that, if fully released to the defense counsel, would have identified intelligence assets, instead twice mentioning an unidentified Israeli Agent as being the witness against a particular detainee. This, of course, was code for US investigations working at Israel’s direction. Of course, he did not mention that the majority of GITMO detainees that have been released have gone right back to the battlefield as Jihadist’s and terrorists. Many have subsequently died in these actions. So, we were listening to a smooth, well mannered, handsome lawyer who, in fact, is in the business of representing terrorists and duplicitously dealing in Taqiyya and Kitman.

In sum, the conference presenters described Islamic concepts of Justice almost in a Marxist model. Because Muslim concepts of justice only exist under Shari’ah, satisfying this would require legalizing Shari’ah in America. We believe that the presenters were, therefore, engaged, at best, in Political Correctness or, at worst, in Stealth Jihad in America,

Shari’ah Law and it’s compelling actions originate primarily from the Qur’an, with influence from other Islamic dogma and doctrine. Shari’ah is expected by Muslim authorities to be central to a Muslim’s existence.  This BBC program is an example of da’wa-jihad. .

We recognize that of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims, not all Muslims wish to live under the strictest norms of Shari’ah and, perhaps, a majority do not. However, a significant minority which, incidentally, is the minority willing to use guns, violence and savagery to enforce Shari’ah, remains in position to call the shots. Muslim moderates, therefore, are for the most part too weak to do anything other than delude themselves in Political Correctness or, in rare cases where it is possible in the West, attempt to reform Islam by re-interpreting Shari’ah. This holds no doctrinal currency. Where Islam is strong, these efforts are easily silenced by Ridda, or blasphemy laws. ,

If Jihadists and their supporters (based on polls taken) represent 20 % of the world’s Muslim population, that would equal approximately 300,000,000 people globally. That is roughly equal to the entire population of the USA. A similar percentage of the US Muslim population would result in 60,000 Jihadists and supporters among American Muslims. We are also aware that Iranian Shari’ah , ,has 60,000,000 followers.

After absorbing the four presentations with our existing knowledge of Islam and Shari’ah, we feel obligated to reach out to you with what the present-day of Islam in America involves and what future it has planned for itself. This future is unfolding now !

The present day representative of Muslims in America is CAIR, who along with the financier, Saudi Arabia, , is waging Lawfare in America to harass and discourage critics of Islam through frivolous lawsuits Lawfare is a constant threat for counter-activists and a challenge for America in dealing with Islam/Shari’ah.

Ultimately, we believe these activists envision a future where the conflict between Islam and our constitution in the USA would be resolved through the adoption of Shari’ah into American Law and American Courts. .

Our incredible country, the United States of America, was founded primarily upon Judeo-Christian culture and values, which birthed our Constitution and our Bill of Rights as a guide to the limits of governance and is our Law of The Land. The constitution is not a progressive tool. It represents our unalienable rights and natural law as understood in the Old and New Testaments  and

Either we Americans move ahead on a delusional and suicidal path of adopting ideologies inimical to our historical values in order to avoid confrontation, or we abandon political correctness about Islam and Shari’ah and stand ready to confront it.

We Americans must exhibit the fortitude to say to Islam, and it’s many millions of ignorant, delusional, useful idiot apologists, that Islam represents an existentially deadly, “Clash of Civilizations”, against our USA constitution, Judeo-Christianity, Hinduism and all non-Islamic cultures. .

We cannot live with that threat without legislating against Shari’ah and making it 100 % clear that the Constitution of The United States of America is the Law of our land.  We must all assume the “Oath” that all Government, Military and law enforcement members take, “to protect and preserve the constitution of the USA against all enemies outside our borders as well as the Trojan Horses within “.

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