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More proof that Islamization is indeed a real phenomenon.

Jari and Seppo join the list of other Finnish names that have been overtaken in the past two decades. Finns used to be proud of their cultural heritage, changing their Swedish names forced upon them in times past, for Finnish names. Now their favored names are supplanted by Mohamed and Fatima.

NOTE: Multiculturalism = colonization and loss of cultural identity.

Savon Sanomat: More Mohammeds than Jaris born in modern Finland

The changing face of Finland is becoming more visible, as names popular among ethnic minorities become more common than traditional Finnish staples. According to Savon Sanomat, Finnish maternity wards now see more ‘Mohammeds’ born than children christened ‘Jari’ or ‘Seppo’.

Maahanmuuttajanuoren käsi ja kieliopas
Image: Yle

A report in the Kuopio daily Savon Sanomat on Tuesday found that increasing numbers of people in Finland now go by the name ‘Mohammed’ or one of its many spellings. The numbers are so large that they now leave traditionally typical Finnish names such as Jari and Seppo trailing in their wake.

The paper reports that in 2006 around 70 Mohammeds of varying spellings were born in Finland. That made the name more popular in that year than Jukka, Jouni, Hannu, Vesa and Jari. Last year 122 babies took the name Mohammed, compared to 156 for the very Finnish-sounding Matti.

SS reports that Finland’s Population Information System now contains names brought to the country by people who migrated from 150 different countries.

YLE (The taxpayer funded broadcaster champions it)

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