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Mikael Brunila, radical Marxist kook.

 Trying to smear The Finns MP to an international audience, Brunila invokes the Breivik tar baby, by stating that Halla-aho was ”amply quoted” by the national socialist mass murderer:

Brievik: But Halla-Aho asks an even more important question: “Why do the voters let all this happen? It is because Westerners like to be ‘good’ people and believe that their fellow men are equally good people. It is because they have humane values.” “It is because the moral and ethical values of Western man have made him helpless in the face of  wickedness and immorality.”

That is ”ample” in the mind of this kook.

His (Brunila’s) intentions are clear, to tar Jussi Halla-aho in the mind of the reader with Brievik, which then lays the groundwork in dismissing his valid claims about the downside to multiculturalism which uses immigration as a means redistribute other people’s hard earned wealth.

The problems with hosting people from vastly different cultures is widely known, and felt by the people it’s foisted upon. In other words, real justified concerns and anger, something that this politician was voted into office for to address, he’s responding/addressing the concerns of his constituency.

The rest of the article carries a similar tone, but that’s what one could expect from such a person as Brunila, who no doubt, would have equally vile things to say about Edmund Burke, who was also ”amply quoted” by Breivik, as well as other notable historical thinkers.

H/T: Vasarahammer

Finnish nationalist MP stirs immigration debate

25.02.14 @ 09:22 BY MIKAEL BRUNILA

HELSINKI – The nationalist Finns’ party is fighting to increase its vote in the European Parliament May elections.

  • Several locals expressed concern about the aggressive mood in the town of Lieksa following Halla-aho’s visit. (Photo: timonenko)

Current estimates give the party 15 percent support which is significantly higher than the 9 percent it received during the previous European elections but lower than the 18 percent it scores in polls for next year’s national parliamentary elections.

One obvious reason for the wavering support is that party chair MP Timo Soini is not running. This leaves just a few well-known names on the Finns’ MEP candidate list.

One candidate likely to garner plenty of support for the party is MP Jussi Halla-aho.

Halla-aho, who was amply quoted in the manifesto of far-right Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, uses the slogan ‘A Finnish Finland in a European Europe’.

The slogan also figures in the political platform of Suomen Sisu, an organisation with strong ties to Finnish neo-fascism.

More here.

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