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She failed to part ways with her indoctrinated past.

Helsinki Finns Party expels Chinese deputy councillor

Belle Selene Xia, a Chinese-born politician in Helsinki, has been expelled from the Finns Party caucus on the capital’s council. The party cited her outspoken views on the Falun Gong sect as the reason, while she claims her foreign background lies behind the decision.

Belle Selene Xia
Belle Selene Xia Image: Yle

Deputy councillor Belle Selene Xia, a Chinese-born politician in the immigration-critical Finns party, was expelled from the party’s grouping in the council last week. The party says her controversial statements on Chinese matters were to blame.

“The most significant reason for her expulsion were these Falun Gong statements, in which she say, among other things, that people of a different opinion deserve to die,” said Finns party group chair Harri Lindell.

Helsingin Sanomat reported on Thursday that around the turn of the year Xia had exchanged emails with the organisers of a seminar on human rights issues in China. In her missives, Xia took a strong stand against the Falun Gong movement that is banned in China.

HS reported that she wrote “a person whose goal is to destroy China and bring down the Chinese government, is a traitor and deserves to die”.

Lindell also cited other disciplinary breaches of Finns party rules, including criticism of fellow members.

Xia denies those charges, says that other Finns party members including Lindell have broken rules, and claims that the party had previously regarded her views on Falun Gong as a private matter. She said that Lindell had even made statements that contradicted the party’s programme and values.

She also says that the party—whose Helsinki grouping includes Jussi Halla-aho, who has been convicted of inciting ethnic hatred—has clamped down on her rather than others who broke the rules because of her foreign background. YLE

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