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They couldn’t care less about the lives of its non-Muslim workers. If this were happening in Israel, there would be protests in the streets 24/7 with calls for boycotts and for storming their borders. That it happens in a Muslim state that the Left and rudderless business elite frequent, well, it’s not that interesting of a problem.

NOTE: Note so much of game for those doing the dying.

In two years, some 500 Indian workers died on 2022 World Cup construction sites

For Qatar, the death toll is “normal” given the large number of workers from India in the country. Activists and international organizations accuse the Gulf State of continuing to violate the human rights of foreign workers.

Doha (AsiaNews/Agencies) – About 500 migrants from India died in Qatar in the last two years, with an average of 20 deaths per month.

Many of them worked on construction sites in Doha where preparations are underway for the 2022 World Cup.

The figures come from the Indian Embassy in Qatar, which did not however provide details of the circumstances leading to their deaths.

The figures have sparked protests by human rights activists, who called them “exceptionally high.”

Qatar hit back, saying that this mortality rate was “normal.”

Official figures confirmed by the Indian Embassy in Doha reveal that 237 Indians working in Qatar died in 2012 and 241 in 2013. A further 24 Indians have died in January 2014.

Since the World Cup was awarded to Qatar in December 2010, there have been 717 recorded Indian deaths.

Sumaikh Bin Ali al- Marri, head of Qatar’s National Human Rights Committee, dismissed accusations of human rights violations.

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