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I await further developments with open mind and arms.

UPDATE: Andy Bostom writes me:

” according to our sources the majority of Iranians want out from under their oppressive theocracy and would rather have America as an ally”

Andy Bostom in Brussels”This is PURE SPECULATIVE CRAP on Iran, Ken—I am almost done with a book which in part EXPLODES such canards with–wait for it–ACTUAL POLLING DATA, etc…

Pew published data last May indicating 83% of Iranians still want the Sharia; Gallup PUBLISHED DATA for Feb of 2013 showing that at the height of the sanctions, 62% of Iranians wanted the govt to forge ahead with the nukes program–which of course has been bolstered now by the regime’s “negotiations jihad”

TT: I must bow to the insight of Andy Bostom on the situation, if the facts are indeed as he says, and I have no reason to doubt his word, then the reality speaks differently. No amount of US support for a normal democratic Iran will bring it about. I hope my friends who are pushing this understands my position, it’s nothing personal.

Americans Speak Directly to Iranian Citizens: Fight To Take Your Country Back


iCaucus was founded on the principles of speaking and exposing the truth, following the money, and holding our representation accountable to We The People of the United States. In keeping with that mission we educate and hold our representatives accountable on the issues, including foreign policy. The following press release and statement was approved by 85% of iCaucus members and affiliate group members through a voting process in keeping with our bylaws. Whenever a government fails to represent it’s people, it is incumbent upon the citizens to take action on their own effectively bypassing the government. It’s important to note that the “apology” contained in this statement is not an apology for America, but an apology based on interference the Progressives in our government have perpetrated on the citizens of another country. The very same Progressives from both sides of the aisle that have sought to remove our Constitutional freedoms.

Why is this important? For two reasons; First, contrary to the biased media who blasts us with video of demonstrations chanting “Death to America” and burning American flags, according to our sources the majority of Iranians want out from under their oppressive theocracy and would rather have America as an ally. Second, what effect the Iranian people have against their regime affects the rest of the region and us as well. All over the world the citizens have been rising up against the Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, Mullahs, and Muslim Brotherhood run governments. We, the citizens of the United States, have watched our own government back terrorists and terrorist organizations masking themselves as protestors and freedom fighters. There were two exceptions: the Iranian people and the effort to oust President Morsi (proven ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist organizations) in Egypt. Simultaneously, the Progressives in our country have passed laws that violate our basic freedoms, making the Bill of Rights null and void. Indefinite Detention and drone use on American citizens are some of the most egregious.

The following is what has been released as of today:


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  1. Mr. Bostom;

    I would respectfully ask you to answer just one question. In a country or countries in which answering a polling question incorrectly can cause your execution, how do you suppose Pew Research was able to get a correct poll completed? In addition, I would ask how this poll was completed and where? Sometimes, rational thought processes need to prevail.

    Thank you,
    Dara Bailey
    President – iCaucus

  2. Iranians are waiting for a miracle to save them, they can’t do it on their own because they have no confidence, are confused and a wall of fear built by the islamist regime around them do not let them move. Many Iranians wish that someone like GW Bush was still in white house to help them, even bomb the mullahs and help them liberate themselves, IRANIANS WILL NOT HAVE THE GUTS TO MAKE A MOVE UNLESS THEY FEEL THAT THE FREE WORLD IS ON THEIR SIDE and the problem is that THE FREE WORLD DOES NOT KNOW WHO REPRESENTS THE IRANIANS PEOPLE because the regime’s lobbyists and the Iranian leftists and regime reformists have the laudest voices and THE PRO-REGIME CHANGE IRANIAN ARE BADLY DIVIDED . I tried my best to educate Iranians and liberate my homeland for the past several years only to end up wasting years of my life and ending up disappointed, bankrupt and suicidal. We need help and more than everything we need $$ and media support for those with clear understanding of the causes of the weakness and fragmentation of the Iranian opposition and power and influence to unite the opposition, even if it takes buying out others who can inspire and influence the majority with a COORDINATED AND CENTRAL PLAN , indeed we need help from the western world’s think tanks, intelligence agencies and even their military PSYOPS and INFOOPS divisions to educate and motivate the Iranians and restore confidence in themselves, the future of their country after the removal of IRI and support from the free world. we need to fight forces that scare the iranians from regime change and specially weaken and neutralize the racist and separatist iranian groups that keep the iranian people so divided. We have the media, but need central planning, coordination and $$$ to succeed. I’ve tried all other methods long enough to know nothing else would work and I don’t wanna die like an activist zombie, i’d only enter a war that i know would lead to victory, yet we neither have the weapons nor the armies, not even the commanders, no strategy and the divided soldiers can’t even agree with each other on the basics.

  3. Ms. Bailey:

    Demonstrate how your pure, rank speculation applies to these hard polling data, specifically, based upon the described methodologies by either Pew, or Gallup. In other words—wait for it—actually read the methods sections and write a cogent critique of the methods that supports your very informed, remarkably insightful comments

    Mohamed Younis, ―Iranians Feel Bite of Sanctions, Blame U.S., Not Own Leaders—Mostsupport nuclear program despite sanctions,‖ Gallup World, February 7, 2013

    Iranians‘ Views Mixed on Political Role for Religious Figures,‖ Pew Research Religion and Public Life Project, June 11, 2013

    Moreover, by your utterly “impeccable logic,” 100% of Iranians should have supported Sharia, 0% should have felt religious extremism was a problem in Iran, and 100% should have favored Iran’s dogged pursuit of nuclear weapons at the height of the recent sanctions. Those who did not supply such answers now of course must be presumed dead.

    Is this truly what you are arguing? If so you might wish to take pause, and deal with facts not fantasy.

    Andrew G. Bostom, MD, MS

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