The EU is not the saviour of anything.


The EU talks a big talk, but it’s not about a representational democracy or rule of law any more than the Eurasian Union is. I wish the Ukrainian people well, but the EU is not about liberty, it’s a post-enlightenment neo-aristocracy, something of which Alexis de Tocqueville (and other solid philosophers of the Enlightenment) constantly warned about. Let’s just hope that the EU doesn’t benefit from any of this. The people of Europe should be acting in the same way as the people of the Ukraine.

collapsing EU

The Story Of Violent Anti-Government Protests In Kiev, Ukraine, Told In Before and After Photos


This photo merge was posted at Redditearlier today and shows Independence Square in Kieve, Ukraine before and after the recent burst of extreme violence in the capital city. The dramatic photo strikingly depicts the turn things have taken in the city in just the last 24 hours.

Conflict between police and protesters has resulted in an estimated 26 deaths and over 400 injuries. The recent bloodshed is the culmination of three months of sustained protest that have brought the city to a virtual halt. The anti-government demonstrations began as a response to Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych taking a step away from the EU and toward Putin, accepting a $15 billion bailout from Russia.


 The full photo of the square demonstrates the degree of destruction being visited on the city. A comparable view from the same public web cam shows a shot from 2009.

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  1. I have seen the rioters holding a group of riot police hostage. No way they could do that without help from people that know, secret foreign intel services and special forces.

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