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Adina Kutnicki in the following article exposes the links between the jihadists who perpetrated the Boston Massacre of last year, and Muslim Brotherhood student union front groups who try to polish the sheen on an otherwise rotten Islamo-apple. That one of their more profile members, Mohammad Hammad, a GUPS (now former) chapter president in a recent online rant tore away the curtain his group hides behind with his unveiled threat of murdering IDF soldiers and all those who support them, only further underlines the radical nature of these student unions.

Lori Lowenthal Markus also exposes that Hammad is at it once again.

A violence-glorifying student who has made repeated graphic threats against Israelis and pro-Israel Americans is finally gone from SFSU, but is presumably still in San Francisco, along with his knives.

By: Lori Lowenthal Marcus

Published: February 19th, 2014

One of many similar violent Social Media messages allegedly sent by SFSU student and General Palestine Student Union president


Here is Adina’s article:

Boston’s Jihadis & Their Cambridge, MA Mosque (A Mirror Image of US Mosques)Tied Into MIT & Other Campuses:Linking Back To Brotherhood Mafia’s MSA/MSU “Student” Unions!

ON a multiplicity of occasions, this site has warned about a plethora of terror-tied“student” organizations throughout U.S. campuses (abroad as well, but let’s stick to America’s cesspool), treating them as if they are “legitimate” partners to a student’s higher educational pursuits. In fact, these inter-related campus groups not only sponsor speakers who incite to Islamic jihad (receiving much of their funding under the catch-all of student-run groups), but many of their students plot their terror plans from within the confines of these same campus organizations. The evidence can be found below. Academia’s “kosher” jihad!

Along this trajectory, can anyone imagine a student-run group – one found all across America’s campuses – whose goal is to hang/kill Blacks, gays, or any other minority? My, oh my…it would be shut down (and be reported to law enforcement) before the ink dried on its masthead. In a nanosecond…two shakes of a lamb’s tail…Rightfully so.

NOW, flip the above upside its head and replace their targets with Jews and a very different scenario emerges. A 360 degree volte face.

In this regard, aside from actual jihad promoted at the largest Muslim Brotherhood backed “student” group across America – the Muslim Student Association (MSA) – what part of terror-related is NOT clear:

Boston’s Jihadis & Their Cambridge, MA Mosque (A Mirror Image of US Mosques)Tied Into MIT & Other Campuses:Linking Back To Brotherhood Mafia’s MSA/MSU “Student” Unions!

NOT only that, but one would think that America’s (mis)educators would have learned their relevant lessons, smarties that they are. And, particularly after 9/11/01, whereby a clear nexus was found between one of its jihadi plotters and MIT’s MSA, it should have been their rallying cry! Besides, how hard is it for academia’s know-it-alls to close down campus groups? Hmm. Ideologically aligned

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