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And then Islamic apologists and their useful stooges will tell you that there’s no compulsion in Islam. Folks, it’s the way they’ve been doing ”business” for over 1400 years. Making an offer that you can’t refuse.

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Video: Muslims in Karachi torture man to force him to convert to Islam and threaten his children would be kidnapped

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He may have been tortured or forced, but fact is that the majority of cases for asylum are fake. And if it is accurate there is no need to allow him into the West. The West can’t house Muslim problems. He needs to be taken in by a “secular” Muslim country, like Turkey.

Muslims Beat Christian Man Within An Inch Of His Life

By Theodore Shoebat

This man had a gun put on his head, by Muslim jihadists, and he was told that if he did not convert to Islam that his children would be kidnapped. He was beaten so badly by the Muslims that he was a hair away from death, and from losing his life. Thanks to Rescue Christians, he and his children were delivered from Islamic tyranny.

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