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Assad can’t compete with Israeli compassion.

Just think if Iran had never gone Islamo-nutjob, Assad would eventually have been left minus an important backer, outside of the now post-superpower Russian state. Minus the spread of Iranian Shiite expansionism, (Heznazi sub-state in Lebanon) with a secular (pro-Israel) Iranian government holding the Saudis in check, the area might have been spared massive blood shedding.

Civil war fosters small thaw in Israeli-Syrian relations

LAST UPDATED: 02/16/2014 06:27

The disintegration of the Syrian state has changed the view many Syrians have of the Jewish state.

Yank Barry (left standing) with Syrian refugees in Bulgaria.

Yank Barry (left standing) with Syrian refugees in Bulgaria. Photo: REUTERS

SOFIA, Bulgaria – Before protests demanding democracy broke out in Syria in 2011, ordinary Israelis had no meaningful contacts with ordinary Syrians.

The disintegration of the Syrian state has changed everything, including the view of many in the country toward the Jewish state. In interviews with The Jerusalem Post at two refugee camps in Sofia and in a hotel outside the city least week, Syrians expressed new perspectives on Israel.

“Israel is positive” because of its medical treatment of wounded Syrians on the Golan border, a man fromDamascus, who declined to give his name, said. He thanked Bulgaria for its humanitarian help, pinpointing blame on the wealthy Gulf monarchy regimes as “countries that do not accept refugees.”

On a small scale, profound changes have created interactions between two peoples in a formal state of war. Col. Tarif Bader, chief medical officer for the IDF’s Northern Command, which provides vital health services to wounded Syrians, told the Los Angeles Times earlier this month, “We are saving the lives of our enemies.”

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