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Norwegian humanitarians!

What would these Norwegian leftist jack asses have to say if an Israeli political youth group (which would never happen) were to be shown standing in front of a poster of the mass murdering terrorist, Anders Breivik, and smiling like Cheshire cats? It would serve them right, but Israeli Jews do not resort to such stupid, negligent, reprehensible behaviour.

uaf members pose in front of terrorist barghouti picture

h/t: Defending Jews & Israel From Propaganda- DJIP: A delegation from the Norwegian labor youth party AUF (Leftist extremists) has been on a visit to the West Bank. The AUF leaders proudly posed in front of a portrait of Marwan Barghouti. A known terrorist, found guilty and sentenced for his role in five murders, including the attack at a seafood restaurant in Tel Aviv 5 March 2002 where three civilians were killed.

More here in Norwegian at MIFF

NOTE: Here’s more Scandinavian ”yumanitarian” dirt bags (Swedes) disguised as orthodox Jews posing with Kalashnikovs with their buddy Arab terrorists somewhere in Paleostinistan.

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  1. These silly buggers would be amongst the first to experience Muslim malevolence if Islam ever became powerful.
    As WS Churchill said in 1897 “Fortunately Muslim nations are technologically backward with regard to weapons systems ”
    I’m quite convinced that robotic war machines will crush terrorists in the future if there’s a need?
    Imaginary Allah is simply that!

  2. In the last picture, the girl with the schmattas on her head is the nutjob Rachel Cory who died when she ran in front of a bulldozer. She was a “peaceful” innocent…according to her pals. The scandal still raises its ugly head, but the facts prove she was an idiot and she died for it.

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