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I have serious problems with Oboler, he’s taking an OIC perspective on criticism of Islam, and its dangerous. He may be ”well meaning”, but he’s entirely ignorant of Islam 101, preferring to remain politically correct, means he isn’t serious about tackling Islamization nor safeguarding minorities, that means the Jewish community as well.

Just as it’s inconsistent to believe in the fundamentals of a constitutional republic, and then give full throated support for the welfare state, so to is it an extreme form of cognitive dissonance to champion minority rights, and then promote an OIC driven agenda.

NOTE: Islam is Islam, there is no such thing as moderate, any more than there is such a thing as a little bit of sharia.

The Problem with “The Online Hate Prevention Institute”: Targeting Islam Exposed, Instead of Examining Islam’s Roots…

By Adina Kutnicki, Israel Administrator

The Online Hate Prevention Institute’s (OHPI’s) “exposure” and condemnation of Islam Exposed is both fallacious and factually incorrect. Therefore, a factual response is contained herein on behalf of our Islam Exposed administrative team.

OHPI Targets IE

Essentially, OHPI wants to have its cake and eat it too. While presenting itself as the arbiter of what constitutes the catch-all definition of “hate groups” through “The Problem With Islam Exposed.” It would behoove its CEO, Andre Oboler, to cease straddling the fence, so to speak. His missive is blatantly dishonest. Undignified too.

Fact: Through his chummy association (which will be described shortly) with Amro Ebbiary (a self-described British-Arab), Andre Oboler precludes himself from being an “honest” broker. How so?

As a matter of record, Amro Ebbiary stated: “Why didn’t the documentary [Don’t Mix Indigenous Fight With Palestinian Rights] detail the mass murder of Palestinian civilians by Israel on a near daily basis? Would Hamas be called terrorists if they use F-16′s instead of homemade explosives?”

Screenshot of Amro Ebbiary Statement


On its face, the above statement is an egregious, bold-faced lie, and there is more than enough public information (if one is seeking the truth) to unmask Ebbiary’s absolute distortion of the facts at hand. As a matter of (open source) record, the IDF takes great measures – even warning the enemy population to stay clear of certain areas during ongoing DEFENSIVE military operations – in order to save civilian lives: Israeli army drops warning leaflets on GazaOn the other hand, Palestinian terrorists abuse their own civilians, using them as cannon fodder: Hamas Exploitation of Civilians as Human Shields.

In this regard, Andre Oboler is more than chummy with his pal Amro:


In all honesty, does it appear that Mr. Oboler is at all perturbed by his pal Amro’s mendacious online libel? Where is his outrage?

In the main, what the misdirected “Online Hate Prevention Institute” is really hoping to accomplish is to silence all criticism of Islam (and by definition, since practicing Muslims are its adherents, how does one as a truly honest broker, distance Islam from its practitioners?) through a well-honed tactic, aptly coined, “Islamophobia”.

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