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Islamic heritage = pillage and plunder.

This is a result of intense pressure from the OIC. The people of Venice didn’t just wake up one morning and decide among themselves to embrace this stupidity. It’s incredibly difficult for an outsider to even rent, let alone buy a home inside Venice. Stop the lunacy people, before you wake up and find yourselves living in an area no longer familiar to you, though you’ve lived there all of your lives.

Venice at war over Islamic heritage

Venice unveils controversial plans to build an Islamic museum

The Grand Canal in Venice

There is a proposal to build a museum of Islamic art on the banks of the Grand Canal Photo: Alamy

By Nick Squires, Rome

12:53PM GMT 04 Feb 2014

Centuries after providing a massive armada for the crusades against the Saracens and battling the Ottomans, a fight has broken out in Venice over plans to build a museum of Islamic art on the banks of the Grand Canal.

The initiative was announced by Enrico Letta, the prime minister of Italy, during a diplomatic and trade visit to Qatar.

Speaking in Doha, Mr Letta said his government had “made a commitment to explore the opportunity to build an Islamic museum in Venice on the Grand Canal”.

But the plan was immediately attacked by the separatist Northern League, which counts the Veneto, the region around Venice, as one of its strongholds.

Luca Zaia, the governor of the region and a senior member of the League, said he found it hard to believe that the government in Rome had “money to throw at an Islamic museum” when Venice had so many other problems, with its cultural heritage under threat from rising sea levels and the crushing weight of mass tourism.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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