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Elou Akhiat: 

“I want to be who I am: That’s how I teach my children that they should be in the world, instead of the one I grew up with that opening a wine bar might be contrary to Islamic culture, but I feel good. I want to do what I want, I’m autonomous and independent. “

Moroccan Woman who Opens a Wine Bar Receives Death Threats

Elou Akhiat, a Moroccan woman who opened a wine bar in Rotterdam received death threats. In view of the extreme character of some of the threats, police are following the affair closely. Last year, Dutch columnist Ebru Umar published a critical column about freedom of opinion in Turkey. She received thousands of death threats.


Moroccan wine bar threatened with death

Moroccan businesswoman Elou Akhiat (40) is threatened with death because of the opening of its wine bar in Rotterdam last weekend.

Moroccan wine bar threatened with death

The Moroccan Elou Akhiat has hundreds of death threats received in response to the opening of her Dolce Uva Wine Bar in Rotterdam. Through internet threats rained Friday after being in the Rotterdam Metro section of her story did. Meanwhile, the police keep a close eye on the matter.

Akhiat showed the article to know that she is aware of the friction there is, because it starts in alcoholic beverages as a Moroccan company. 


An avalanche of responses followed. Positive but also negative. Akhiat which veiled walked up six years ago, has been overtaken by the message flow. She shows mostly calm wanting and is silent about the threats. The severity of some reactions was the reason police Saturday night, to keep. opening night, an extra eye “There is nothing strange happened around the opening., 

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