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The preventable death in hospitals in Germany

The doctor said the risk is zero percent. A little later, the patient was dead Dramatic poor conditions in German hospitals cost many lives. But reforms are blocked. Dowideit By Anette

Treatment failure in German hospitals

Commanded the doctor not to engage?  Was he too busy?  Careless?  My daughter Jessica Silvia bill died after a fantastic effort operation

Photo: Silvia Meinschein

Commanded the doctor not to engage? Was he too busy? Careless? My daughter Jessica Silvia Meinschein died after a fantastic effort operation. And she’s not the only one.

It was a small ceremony, with homemade salads and sausages from the grill. Silvia Meinscheins had organized the celebration, a cake ordered from the bakery and a dozen friends invited to the home of athletes Tambach-Dietharz, a quiet village in the Thuringian Forest with half-timbered houses and an old well on the church square.

The festival on the 13th December rose in honor of Silvia Meinschein daughter Jessica certificate; it was her 18th Birthday on a cake emblazoned her image. Jessica was not there. She’s dead

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