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Remember folks, the multiculturalists insist that you believe all cultures are equal, there is no difference.

It’s great that there are Saudis who reject the cleric’s points of view, but it also means a rejection of their founder’s lifestyle.

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Saudi Cleric Suggests Baby Girls Wear Burqas To Prevent Rape

By Lina Batarags, Mon, February 03, 2014

A Saudi cleric has proposed this solution to molestation of young girls: they should be required to wear burqas.

While no law or practice in Islam requires that baby girls wear burqas, Sheik Abdulla Daoud suggested that covering the babies in burqas would keep them from being raped. Daoud made the controversial comment on TV last year, stating that babies were being molested in Saudi Arabia.

The video recently surfaced on social media, and elicited shocked and indignant response from fellow Saudis.

“Now the baby victims are blamed for men’s crimes. Allah help us stop the ignorance, stupidity,” tweeted Masleeza Othman.

Othman later followed up the original tweet with another condemning those who “abuse, molested and sexually assaulted or harassed the babies, children.”

“They aren’t supposed to even live!!” Othman continued.

Senior Islamic officers have also been highly critical of Daoud’s comments, noting that they “made Islam and Sharia law look bad.”

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  1. There is a sickness, it is called Islam. It poisons the mind and makes cruelty normal.

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