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It shouldn’t be done. Period.

Neither should Swedish be the second official language her in Finland. Bilingualism, official status bilingualism that is, is always to the detriment of that society, promoting differences instead of unity is never a winning combination, especially in this cultural marxist period we are currently living in.

Larger swathes of Sweden offer services in Finnish

The Finnish language is gaining a stronger status in neighbouring Sweden. As of Saturday, 52 municipalities are committed to providing basic services such as daycare and eldercare in Finnish.

Ruotsinsuomalainen kansankorkeakoulun
A bilingual school in Haparanda, one of the first Swedish towns to provide Finnish-language services. Image: YLE / Kyösti Vaara

Until now, 48 out of Sweden’s 290 municipalities have offered official services in Finnish.

On Saturday, four more joined the list. The number of local authorities providing Finnish services has increased tenfold since 2010.

“This success has been achieved by quite a movement at the municipal level,” says Markku Peura, chair of the Sweden Finnish Delegation. “I believe that all municipalities where there are a sizeable number of Sweden Finns who have organised activities will eventually join.”

Finnish-born population declining

According to Statistics Sweden, the country has some 710,000 people of Finnish descent within the past three generations, or about 7.5 percent of the total population of 9.6 million. Of these, around 450,000 say they speak or at least understand Finnish.

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