Hijab Western Appeasement



Can’t think of a more stupid thing for a Westerner to do.

If you dig totalitarian hell holes with a swell misogynist infrastructure, there are many choices for you to pick from throughout the Islamic world.

H/T: Sheik Yer’Mami (PBUH)

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  1. The EU kills the indigenous with useless health and safety rules, why not one for the hijab? What about kids at school with bunsen burners, there was always someone singeing their hair when I was a kid.

  2. To capitulate in this manner is completely gutless. The whiners and taqiyya masters abound in the comments from the original article link. It is not WE in the west who need to accommodate these morons. It is THEY who need to pull their Hijab wads out of covered places. If I see someone covered up like that, they are not identifiable. The peace officers cannot see who they are any more than the jeweler behind the sales counter or the bank teller can. This is, for the commentator from Singapore off the link, pure mookla! We have an OPEN society. I do not agree 100% with ALL of its openness, BUT that is MY problem and not the problem of the other 349,999,999 people who live here in the USA. The absolute and only way I would wear such a thing would be for it to be made of heavy black plastic labeled “Body Bag”.

  3. “….. Yay for diversity in the hijabi community!”….”

    Great, Lydia Shelley, but put aside muslim ‘fashion’ commentary and now talk to us about diversity that really matters – like religious and cultural diversity in Islamic-majority countries.

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