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Show me the Poo!

Our British correspondent JP sent a tip this morning about what I’ve been referring to since as the “dog jihad” video. The woman featured in the video — which was taken by her friend on a smart phone — was confronted by a culturally enriched Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officer (THEO), who accused her of violating the borough’s dog-fouling law while walking her dog in the park. She denied the charge — she had cleaned up after her dog — and demanded that he “show me the poo”, which he refused to do.

THEOs are not civilians, but they are not full police officers, either. This one had to call for police backup to handle these two dangerous women and their dogs. The real police decided that the woman had committed no offense, and did not charge her.

(For the full story of the dog poo incident, see The Evening Standard or Metro.)

The “dog jihad”, like the parking jihad, the alcohol jihad, and all the other tactics employed by zealous Muslims in the neighborhoods where they dominate, is yet another aspect of block-busting. It serves to annoy and inconvenience the kuffar. It makes them uncomfortable and anxious in the streets and parks near their own homes. They learn to conform outwardly to sharia norms, or they move away to escape the harassment. Either outcome is satisfactory from the point of view of the sharia-compliance enforcers.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for leveling the sound and uploading this video:


Watch the original video here.

4 Responses

  1. This is amazing. Just amazing. Bravo to these two brave women! So glad they got it all on film.

  2. All recording equipment is a friend of the law-abiding.

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