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And they’re still importing them by the tens of thousands each week.

This is how a society implodes. According to the rules of multiculturalism, all cultures are equal, and I guess by default, that also includes the languages that they bring with them as well. It only serves to further balkanize society, one of the chief aims of the multiculturalists, just as the EU is built around the very same premise, just look at Belgium after which the EU is patterned from.

uk 800 000 people do not speak english 30.1.2014

Almost 800,000 people living in England and Wales have little or no English, with more than half not working, official figures show. A new analysis of findings from the 2011 census shows dramatic differences in the lifestyles and employment chances of migrants with a limited command of English compared with the general population.

Migrants with little or no English are 50 per cent more likely to be unemployed than native speakers and three times as likely to have no formal qualifications. The study also showed that those who do work are condemned to the lowest paid and most laborious jobs if they do not have a working command of English.

Significantly the problem is most acute among women. Overall 60 per cent of those living in England and Wales but unable to speak the national tongue are female.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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