Finnish Immigration Concerns



If Finns cease to reproduce in sufficient numbers, then turn out the lights the party’s over.

This is what happens when Leftists take over a country and demand that women look at pursuing a career is of far more importance, motherhood but a family chore.

Immigrants bring 70% of Finland’s population growth

Last year just over 30,000 people moved to Finland – nearly 8,000 of them returning Finnish citizens.

Vastasyntynyt vauva.
A slightly rarer sight last year at Finnish hospitals. Image: Johanna Kasvinen / Yle

Immigration now accounts for 70 percent of Finland’s population growth, according to figures out from Statistics Finland on Tuesday.

Last year’s Finland’s population expanded by nearly 24,000 people. Of these, some 17,000 were immigrants. Almost a quarter of immigrants were returning Finnish citizens.

Meanwhile, slightly more than 13,000 people moved abroad in 2013. Seven out of 10 were Finnish nationals.

Finnish maternity wards were a bit quieter last year as the number of babies born went down by around two percent.

Around 58,000 infants arrived, 1370 fewer than in 2012. This was the third consecutive annual decline. Still, births outnumbered deaths by almost 7,000. That brought the nation’s population to 5.45 million by year’s end.


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  1. It seems to be a general purpose of Musloids to shag their way to victory over time!

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