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Radical Islamist stands by his threats

January 27, 2014

A young Islamist in Norway had his day in court on Monday, to defend a long string of provocative statements and threats he’s made over the past few years. The case attracted the media publicity expected, as his high-profile defense attorney claimed he was testing the limits of freedom of expression.

Ubaydullah Hussain PHOTO: Facebook

Ubaydullah Hussain PHOTO: Facebook

Arslan Maroof Hussain, also known alternatively as Ubaydullah Hussain and Abaydullah Hussain, denied, as expected, that he was guilty of making threats against two Norwegian journalists, an author, Jews in Norway and a well-known researcher who testified against another radical Islamist.

Hussain, who recently stepped down as spokesman for a radical Islamist group in Norway known as Profetens Ummah, doesn’t deny making the statements that prosecutors claim break the law. Among them:

– In an e-mail to a journalist at newspaper Aftenposten, who had written about radical Norwegian Muslims who were fighting in Syria, Hussain wrote that the journalist had overstepped his bounds so gravely “that you should be concerned about your own security. This isn’t a threat, warning or scare-mail. But if something should happen to you, I will smile all the way to your funeral.”

More here. H/T Holger Danske

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