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But first, some open faced lying/dissembling by the leader of the Ahmadiyya sect :

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Ahmadiyya moderation not all it’s cracked up to be

Ahmadiyya moderation not all it’s cracked up to be

Posted by: Anne Marie Waters 20 January, 2014

I really hate to be a party pooper but there are some questions that need to be asked. There appears to be a growing consensus that the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam is one that should be encouraged and promoted as a welcome representation of moderation within that religion. Even Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, frequently expresses admiration.

Anne Marie Waters

LONDON. The Ahmadis are characterised as a group that is supportive of integration and as a shining example of how Islam can fit happily within a modern liberal democracy. They’ve been warmly praised by the Mayor of London and several high profile Members of Parliament; primarily for their charity work and the promotion of community understanding and integration.

I however have some reservations. I have debated with members of the Ahmadiyya sect and am somewhat uncomfortable with this firm acclaim.

To give them their due, the Ahmadi community in Britain does regularly preach peace and unity, and on their UK website – Love for All, Hatred for None – they call for “the rejection of violence and terrorism, the separation of mosque and state and the promotion of Human Rights including complete freedom of religion for all.”

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  1. Should anyone engage one of these people in a friendly debate, you could start by asking if they supported tolerance, mutual understanding and interfaith dialogue, I would expect the answers to be yes in each case, then you could hand him a sausage roll and ask him to sample it, in the name of “mutual understanding” of course, if he respectfully declined ,why then you could move on to the command to beat your wife and ask him to first repudiate it before tearing it out of the book and burning that page.

    Carry on in this way, recording responses, until you feel the point is proved, then broadcast the results, forcing them down the throats of those who would compromise OUR rights to self defense. That old primitive must think ALL of us have had our brains sucked out.

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