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Perfect example of a foreigner from a 3rd world country who could be doing more good for her people back home, albeit within a neighbouring land, than plying her trade in the West. Why in the world should her denying valuable services for her own people, be championed? Honestly, there is a vast disconnect here, all in the name of ”multiculturalism”.

Making a difference as Refugee Woman of the Year

Malalai Rahim was chosen as Refugee Woman of the Year 2012. The title allowed the doctor living in Seinäjoki to be a spokesperson for refugees in Finland. Now Rahim says that the upcoming European Elections are an important platform for refugee issues.

 Malalai Rahim.
Malalai Rahim wants to raise refugees’ issues in the European Elections. Image: Kaisa Väkiparta / Suomen Pakolaisapu

The Finnish Refugee Council chose the Afghan-born doctor and mother of five as Refugee Woman of the Year back in 2012. Previous to this, Rahim had worked as a physician in a refugee camp. She obtained her license to practice medicine in Finland in 2007. Currently she is working as a doctor in Seinäjoki, western Finland.

Looking back at her time as Refugee Woman of the Year, Rahim says the appointment gave her lots of opportunities to help refugees in Finland. She encourages her followers to be active, and says that many people are interested to hear the story of the Refugee Woman of the Year.

“I got lots of invitations to different kinds of events, where I could tell people about being a refugee and war, and about the kinds of problems refugees face that they cannot solve themselves,” Rahim remembers.

Over the year, she also became more familiar with different kinds of cultures.

“I’ve learnt a lot, got acquainted with other cultures, and I’ve been able to tell others about my own [culture]. I’m happy about that opportunity,” Rahim says.

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4 Responses

  1. She clearly wants to get on the EU gravy train, already spouting leftist drivel.

    1. exactly Cassandra…..gravy train it is, say the right stuff and you’re in like flint. Being a foreigner in Finland myself, I say the obvious, and hold no hope for being celebrated, in fact, vilification is the price I pay.

  2. That this woman has prospered in the west is hardly a surprise, most do when they display good will and a desire to integrate, however her skills and self belief are needed in her homeland, are there NO girls and women living lives of misery there?

    The moral case for her return is sound, it would be better if she treated the afflictions of the poor, ignorant and oppressed in her homeland than the complaints of the relatively healthy and well off people of her adopted country. Finland has her own people to look after, let this woman go and care for hers.

  3. The moral case for the return of all muslim ‘refugees’ is sound. Western countries should all adopt temporary protection visas for these cases. 5 years maximum – enough time to learn new skills (at our expense) – and then go back to the countries they leave – to develop them into countries that people actually want to live in.

    The alternaitve is just to drag down western civilization.

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