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If the legacy media were in fact, ”honest and decent”, they wouldn’t be the ”legacy media”.


As the GOV correctly points out, the Breivik Letter not only shows the derangement of the man, but it highlights how easy it was for the Butcherer of Utoya to manipulate the MSM, Norwegian law officials and its government, as well as a certain UK researcher (working out of Finland) and a Norwegian writer to parrot his narrative.

This story is a blockbuster, it proves the herd mentality of the MSM and the clapping seals of pseudo academics can be directed any which way if the carrot is sweet enough, meaning, the embers of their political narrative can be easily stoked to prompt a burst of flame to consume the desired target.

 Breivik: “The idea was to manipulate the MSM and others so that they would launch a witch-hunt and send their <<media-rape-squads>> against our opponents. It worked quite well.”

NOTE: Baron Bodissey’s piece is reposted here in part, with the actual letter available in full at GOV.

Breivik’s “Double-Psychology”

Posted on  by Baron Bodissey

Two weeks ago we published a translated article from Expo (the original is here) in which Anders Behring Breivik repudiated all association with the Counterjihad. In a letter sent out to various email outlets, the Butcher of Utøya told the world that his purported admiration for Fjordman, Robert Spencer, Bat Ye’or, et al. had just been a ruse on his part, and that his real ideological commitment was to what he calls “ethno-nationalism” or “nordicism”. He had embraced the Counterjihad in order to damage it, and to draw attention away from his allies among white nationalists and neo-Nazis.

Strangely enough, no media outlet except for the far-left Swedish foundation Expo published this portion of Mr. Breivik’s missive. Other sources — reportedly including The Wall Street JournalDie WeltDagbladetABC Nyheter, and Ekstra Bladet — wrote about his claim that he had been tortured in prison. But none of them thought to mention that the killer had said he was just kidding about his ideological alignment with Islam-critics — an undetermined number of whom have been harassed, threatened, fired, defunded, and exiled for “inspiring” the madman’s massacre.

Funny about that.

Expo had only published excerpts from Mr. Breivik’s letter. I was curious to see the entire text, and spent some time searching for it online. The process was made more difficult by the fact that the original letter was said to be in English, but the published excerpts existed only in Swedish translation. Our Scandinavian contacts were all but certain that the full text of the letter had never been published on the Internet.

Thanks to the diligent efforts of one of our Scandinavian readers, I was able to obtain the entire text of the “ideological” portion of Anders Behring Breivik’s letter. The first half of the text — the part that contains his assertions of being tortured in prison — was apparently imaged separately, and the PDF that was sent to us was devoted solely to an explanation of the ethno-nationalist motives for his actions.

Mr. Breivik’s letter was actually written last September, but for unknown reasons was embargoed by the Norwegian prison authorities until earlier this month. Then, when it was finally sent, all media outlets but one chose to bury those portions of the text that would destroy the “narrative” they had so painstakingly crafted over the past two and a half years.

If there were any honesty and decency left among journalists, they would have immediately issued an apology for their previous blindness and stupidity, and a retraction of all the stories in which they had so faithfully promoted a false explanation for the deeds of a mass killer — just as the murderer himself had intended.

But honesty and decency do not have any place in modern journalism. This follow-up on the events of July 22 2011 has been buried, and will never be exhumed, not if the legacy media can help it.

The “ideological” portion of Breivik’s letter was sent to us as a six-page PDF file, the final page of which was blank. The contents were entirely image-based; that is, there was no text that could be copied and extracted. I printed all five pages, scanned them, ran them through OCR software, and corrected all the errors I could find.

The resulting text is reproduced at the end of this post. Our publication of the entire document serves as the due diligence that the MSM entirely neglected to perform: we are providing the public with the raw text, which they may read for themselves.

I expect that we will be accused of aiding a mass killer in his efforts to propagate his unhinged ideas. Yet our readers deserve more credit than that: they are capable of reading and evaluating what Mr. Breivik has to say and making their own informed judgment. They will easily discover that the murderer espouses a fringe ideology, one that is essentially trivial.

Unlike his “manifesto” (which he, interestingly enough, refers to as “the compendium”), the letter seems to be written with a single authorial voice. As I made my way through it, I found myself assessing the ideas — “Hmm, this seems true.” “This is nonsense!” etc. — just as I would with any other writer’s conclusions.

Then I would encounter a sentence like this one:

22/7 was an attempt to force these 20 editors, and their colleagues in the other 12 nordic countries into dialogue with their countrys nordicist-movements (you call them Nazi-movements).

…or this one:

As for my efforts to try to force the editors and ruling politicians in each of the 13 nordic countries into dialogue with the nordicist-movements, I failed miserably, not surprisingly.

… and I would be brought up short, brutally reminded of the nature of the mentality that had written those words.

No one in his right mind believes that the mass-murder of dozens of unarmed teenagers will force newspaper editors to engage in “dialogue”. A person who seriously entertains the idea is deeply, deeply deranged.

Regardless of whatever ideology Mr. Breivik might adhere to, his belief in mass killing as an effective means to achieve dialogue with media moguls is totally disconnected from it. Whether his cause is “racial hygiene”, environmentalism, socialism, or the need for fluoridating the water supply, the means he employed to promote it have nothing to do with it.

It’s easy to see why the MSM wanted to bury this half of the letter. It shows them up as gullible fools who took a shrewd psychopathic killer at his word, and parroted the exact line expected of them. Their case against the Counterjihad as “Breivik’s mentors” has been totally destroyed. As a result, they’re no longer interested in discussing the topic.

The Butcher of Utøya positively gloats over how easy it was to fool them:

When dealing with media psychopaths, a good way to counter their tactics is to use double-psychology, or at least so I thought. The compendium was, among other things, of a calculated and quite cynical <<gateway-design>> (the 2+?+?=6-approach), created to strengthen the ethnocentrist wing in the contra-jihad movement, by pinning the whole thing on the anti-ethnocentrist wing (many of the leaders are pro-multiculti social democrats or liberalists), while at the same time protecting and strengthening the ethnocentrist-factions. The idea was to manipulate the MSM and others so that they would launch a witch-hunt and send their <<media-rape-squads>> against our opponents. It worked quite well.


…The <<hug-your-opponents, kick-the-ones-you-love>>-tactic is one of the oldest in the book. The infiltration of the Freemasons, followed by the publication of the Freemason-pic, was in fact a deliberate and calculated attack against them.

And what about the man who was allegedly Mr. Breivik’s greatest inspiration?

A man who was hounded out of anonymity by the Norwegian media and turned into Public Enemy Number Two? A writer who would have been prosecuted alongside the killer, if certain opinion-writers had their way? An academic who was threatened with death, forced from his job, and driven into exile?

I refer, of course, to Fjordman. Here’s what Anders Behring Breivik had to say about his supposed mentor:

When the norwegian MSM announced that Fjordman was my role model and idol, they couldnt be more wrong.

Furthermore, according to the killer, Fjordman is actually in league with — gasp! — THE JEWS. Mr. Breivik maintains that Fjordman — who, if you believe the Norwegian media, is at least as vicious a Nazi as Heinrich Himmler — actually commands a “Jewish network”:

I know a lot of people will be dissapointed when reading this, but my love for Israel is limited to its future function as a deportation-port for disloyal jews. I am aware of the sad fact that all available statistics confirm that only aprox. three percent of eurojews oppose multiculti (but from an anti-islamist perspective), and that only aprox. 0,2 percent support nordic indigenous rights. I wish it wasnt so… However, there is in fact a strong anti-nordicist/ethnocentrist wing within the counter-jihad movement, represented by Fjordman and his Jewish network, the EDL-leader, the SIOE-leaders, Wilders, Farage etc., but their organisations are so heavily infiltrated by nordicists and ethnocentrists that its hard to say which wing are actually controlling them.


…This makes it even more ironic that many nordicists and ethnocentric nationalists, Stormfront included, still dont know that I systematically used double-psychology in order to protect them, and in an attempt to prevent the multiculti MSM from using their <<I-win-button>>.


…I could have easily avoided excessive pathologisation by keeping the message short and by clinging to the already established ideological cliff of national socialism (its important to remember that this was at a time when all right wing radicals were labeled as nazis), but if they had been allowed to label me as a nazi, the ideological considerations and discussions would be over, and my court-speeches and propaganda performance would never be broadcasted world wide, during the trial. Furthermore, people would not be forced to seek answers in the compendium along the way. Regardless of their efforts, I felt I managed to make the best out of an almost impossible situation, despite of the fact that I made a few mistakes during the process.

The mainstream media have been had.

They were played like a fiddle by Anders Behring Breivik, and now they know it.

That’s why they’re keeping quiet. They’re hoping that this snippet of news can remain their little secret. If they can keep it quiet, they won’t have anything to worry about for twenty years until the killer gets out of prison. But, hey — most of them will be retired and drawing their generous state pensions by then, so what difference does it make?

And Mr. Breivik has plenty of time to change his story again between now and then. It could be that he was secretly a Scientologist all this time. Or a Flat Earth devotee. Or a Truther.

I know people who are taking bets on when he will convert to Islam.

Regardless of what narrative the madman finally settles on, the fact remains that his original story — the one that gullible Norwegian journalists bought hook, line, and sinker — has been revealed as pure hokum.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Below is the full text of the “ideological” portion of the letter sent to the media by Anders Behring Breivik. The original image-based PDF of the letter is available for download here.

The original spelling, punctuation, and capitalization have been retained:

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