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Islam 101 is truly evil.

H/T: Vlad: Here is the full video of the girls taking the vow to wear the veil for life at 9 years old. There is much more on this and more related videos. But the connections that the imam and this Montreal Muslim Community Center have are also of great concern. Check out the photos on this related webpage.

Here is a note from the translator:

It must be noted that the iman of this association (CCMM) exerts great pressure on the young girls that go to his mosque to influence them into wearing the hijab as of the age of 8 and 9 years old.  (taken from the Poste de Veille website investigation)

Ali Sbeiti, speaking to the little girls that just swore on Allah that they will do their utmost to wear the hijab for the rest of their lives: ” Your veil is not only a source of pride, an honor in your lifetime and the afterlife, but also, you are contributing to improve society by preserving its morals and virtue.  We believe the hijab supports and enhances the status of a woman in a society where women are used on posters and on television as objects for sale.”


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