Eh, Qatar, a major human rights violating state (here too) expresses concerns for human rights violations?


Syria accused of ‘systemic torture’ in Qatar-backed report

Text by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2014-01-21

A team of senior war crimes prosecutors released a report on Monday accusing the Syrian regime of carrying out “systemic torture and killings” of thousands of men who are thought to be victims of the regime’s notorious security agencies.

The 31-page document was commissioned by Qatar, a key backer of the Syrian rebels, and given toCNN and The Guardian a day before Syrian peace talks were due to be held in Geneva.

The report was written by Desmond de Silva, former chief prosecutor of the special court for Sierra Leone; Geoffrey Nice, the former lead prosecutor in the trial of former Yugoslavian president Slobodan Milosevic; and David Crane, who indicted Liberian president Charles Taylor.

The document relies on the unauthenticated testimony and photographs given by the source, who remains unidentified for security purposes.

The informant, a photographer who claims to have defected from the Syrian military police, presented forensic experts commissioned by the London legal firm representing Qatar with around 55,000 digital images of 11,000 dead detainees.

He claims they died in captivity before being taken to a military hospital to be photographed.

“Overall there was evidence that a significant number of the deceased were emaciated and a significant minority had been bound and/or beaten with rod-like objects,” said the report.

‘Smoking guns’ evidence against Assad

Some had no eyes while others showed signs of strangulation or electrocution, according to the 31-page document.

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  1. while the al-nusra front, hezbollah et al are model citisens fighting for a free and just society.

  2. MSM doesn’t appear to get concerned about Muslim violence unless it falls into the Shia v. Sunni spectrum and Sunni’s are losing. Now, why would that be? Could it be that Sunni financial interests in Western media outlets exceed those of their opponents?

    1. It’s like all the journalists get their marching orders from the White House – see! this proves it. Assad is a murderer! Uhh, this doesn’t prove anything, this is from Qatar, a Sunni jihadist state that hates Assad and those dreadful Alawites and those disgusting Shiites. But the MSM is on the case, propagandizing for the Sunnis. Why?

  3. “Eh, Qatar, a major human rights violating state (here too) expresses concerns for human rights violations?”

    Being signatories to “The Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam”, the Qataris are talking about Islamic Human Rights violations as defined in that document, which says ‘human rights’ = ‘Sharia law’. It’s got nothing to do with the western concept of human rights.

    The islamic concept of human rights and the western concept of human rights are two completely different things. When islamic state spokesmen talk about human rights, they do not mean the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Their declaration from 1990 or so abrogates that (a concept they are more than familiar with), and that is the legal document they are referring to.

    1. Fully agree Joeb! When you think of Islam and human rights, think of Mohamed slicing off the heads of Jews on the Arabian peninsula.

  4. Oh my golly (!) Another new discovery that falls from the sky (!) The Assad regime actually tortures people to death (!) I had never ever heard of such a thing before (!)


    1) AI officials are 16 year old pot-smoking scouts camping on an International Jamboree who had never heard of the Assad clan before, but somehow, I don’t think so…


    2) this is a feeble propaganda effort to downplay the violence perpetrated by so-called ‘legitimate opposition groups’ as a response against a dictatorial regime that is ineffably worse.

    Why am I getting the impression that AI is serving as a ‘moral indignation’ propaganda industry proxy for Saudi Arabia ?

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