To call it pathetic would be a gross understatement.


H/T: Vasarahammer: 

I don’t know if I should laugh, cry or scream while watching this appalling guy in his hideous campaign video.Guy Verhofstadt is a former Prime minister of Belgium and currently running as a candidate for European Commission president. After watching his video Olli Rehn looks like an honest truth-teller. Olli Rehn is running against him as a candidate for ALDE (Liberal Democrat parties of Europe)

NOTE: Olli Rehn is yet another classic example of neo-statist, big business cronyism (faux free market capitalism), who has no problem with big government structures and policies. These are the type of ”geniuses and masterminds” of our time, who have engineered the worst form of democratic despotism under the fig leaf of ‘democracy’, (The EU) and who are subverting the nation states at the expense of the individual, who stands to get crushed (and will be) under their growing tyranny.

The rise of the neo-aristocracy.

I wouldn’t place this guy in charge of a dog pound, let alone at the helm of a political institution, but that’s where we are now, in an age where mediocrity rules the day.

collapsing EU

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  1. In the video Verhofstadt clearly shows what kind of arrogant prick he is when he disparages the Hungarian MEP and claims to be acting on behalf of “Hungarian citizens”.

    1. Yeah, he knows what’s in the Hungarian interests than the Hungarians themselves. Excellent point VH

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