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Racism to the left and right of us, oh my!

The ‘victimization industry’ has a long list of victories under its belt, here is yet another harmless trophy on the mantelpiece.

Haribo pulls ‘racist’ candy after complaints

Photo: Haribo homepage (screenshot)

Published: 17 Jan 2014 14:56 GMT+01:00

German candy-makers Haribo have pulled black-faced liquorice off their production line after Swedish customers complained their design played on racist caricatures.

“I understand the criticism and think it’s important to listen to the customers,” the director of Haribo in Sweden, Ola Dagliden, told the Nyheter24 news site.

The candy in question, black liquorice faces meant to represent a captain’s trip around the world, was sold in the company’s Skipper Mix packets. Dagliden, who has held top position for several months, told the paper that customer complaints had started trickling in during December last year.

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3 Responses

  1. Yeah the first two look exactly like countless african masks I’ve seen. And one that looks like a striking african woman is actually quite cool. They aren’t racist depictions of africans. The Chinese guy does look like a negative racial stereotype. But the only place where chinese are still oppressed is China so whatevs.

    Oh dear. I just image googled haribo skipper mix to see the whole selection and there is a 3rd candy in the shape of an african that is not a mask but in the revolting “sambo” style. Time for an update. Frankly I’m surprised it’s taken this long for people to complain about that one.

    As for them being depicted in a black confection like liquorice, that’s a connection people would make only AFTER being made aware of it by the complaint itself. Also if an african american confectioner made chocolates that looked like african masks and stylized african everyone would think it a fine idea.

    But the “sambo” style liquerice is about a hundred years out of date and should be retired.

  2. whoops caught in the spam filter again. No need to fix if this one goes thru.

    I google image searched the selections and there are 2 more african ones that aren’t depicted in the picture here. A striking african woman that looks cool is one. But the other is in the “sambo” style. It’s in horrible taste and I’m surprised it took people this long to complain about it.

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