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Dutch Version of Mein Kampf Downloaded Often

It is prohibited in the Netherlands to reprint and sell Mein Kampf. Yet, those interested find the digital verion of Hitler’s book without any problem on the internet. The free Dutch translation from 1930 has in the meantime, been downloaded almost 22,000 times. BNFTN

High selling digital versions of Mein Kampf

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While Mein Kampf in the Netherlands it’s forbidden to be reprinted and sold, those interested can find it effortlessly. The digital version of the book of Adolf Hitler on the Internet On the website Internet Archive is a free English version of 1930 been downloaded nearly 22,000 times. The English translation was downloaded a total of 70,000 times.

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  1. Islam is the New Far Right

    Islam is the most evil, violent, hateful Far Right Ideology in history.

    Angela Merkel who while running for re-election as German Chancellor (she won) became the first Chancellor to visit the Dachau concentration camp. During her visit she warned of the dangers of far-right extremism, pointing to the lessons of German history as an example for all of Europe.

    “How could Germans go so far as to deny people human dignity and the right to live based on their race, religion, their political persuasion or their sexual orientation?” she said in a somber ceremony on the wide plaza where inmates once assembled daily for roll call. “Places such as this warn each one of us to help ensure that such things never happen again.”

    Well worth reading the article and passing it on.

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