In the comment thread to the article on a university keeping female students away from  a male student, an Islamopologist tries to ply his trade (dawa) and a female former Muslim named Saira isn’t having any of it.

First the attempted dawa….

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    Sammy Modaresi  

    You have it all wrong. It is of the foremost respect for women that a man who is a stranger to a women has no right to touch her. The young Muslim man was only lowering his gaze and restraining from physical contact with the female students out of respect for their beauty and worth. Not to degrade them and stampede his manliness.

    Islam emphasizes the utmost respect for Women and has given women rights that not even the west had given. Like for example, Muslim women had the right to work, and their earnings and wealth belonged to them only. Whereas women in the West (Canada and States) were not allowed to vote or work up until the early 1900’s. Always try to the see the good in something, before you judge. 2/3 of people who accept Islam as a way of life are women.

    Now comes the butt kicking response….

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      I was raised Muslim and this is completely untrue. Islam pretends to elevate women but in reality women are considered lower than men in everything. Men can marry multiple wives, they can beat them to discipline them, they can initiate divorce but women can’t. Women inherit 1/2 the property and their testimony is worth 1/2 of a man’s. Women are told to cover up because if they’re raped or harassed by men it’s their fault, not the man’s. Islam is a woman-hating cult. As a former Muslim, you can not fool me. You can lie to white non-Muslims, not to people like me.

      Read YOUR Quran, Hadiths, and Tafsir. I taught Islamic studies for 14 years. You don’t have a clue. I got EVERY thing I wrote straight out of Islamic texts and clerical decrees. It’s all out in the open now. You can not hide it any more.

Islam booted

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