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If asked, the majority would be for a reduction of their proposals.


”Could Finland become the best country in the world for experimentation?” the prime minister mused.

We’ve already seen government experimentation, it’s called statism, and it has rendered a significant portion of Finnish society to the ranks of the permanently unemployed, driven people to seek medical care elsewhere, and foisted upon the Finnish electorate, unelected officials (EU bureaucrats) and tons of legislation crafted elsewhere with no recourse available whatsoever under a system that could be accurately described as (big D) democratic despotism.

Katainen after government brainstorming session: Atmosphere in Finland too negative

Members of the incumbent government gathered on Monday at Aalto University in Otaniemi to brainstorm new ideas for cultivating Finland’s future success.

Pääministeri Jyrki Katainen puhuu toimittajille hallituksen työpajan jälkeen Helsingissä.
Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen speaks with reporters after the government brainstorming session on 13 January 2013. Image: Mikko Stig / Lehtikuva

Members of Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen’s cabinet met in Espoo on Monday with the aim of finding methods to keep Finland successful and maintain its well-being. Among other issues, Katainen says that the prevailing pessimistic mental tone of the country was a subject of conversation among both the ministers and researchers that participated.

“We discussed at length on the fact that, as a whole, the current atmosphere in our country is too negative and that strongly affects our performance,” he says.

The prime minister said that Finland has fallen victim to “an illusion of perfection”, continuing with the comment: “If someone presents an idea that isn’t perfectly formed from the start, it is shot down at every possible level.”

”Could Finland become the best country in the world for experimentation?” the prime minister mused. He described the talks as “very, very open”, although concrete results would not be revealed until later. “It remains to be seen how our discussion today will affect our future decisions, like our spending limits programme for example. It certainly cemented our efforts in a very satisfactory way.”

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