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A former UK researcher for the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Toby Archer, wrote an article few years ago that appeared in Foreign Policy magazine (July 2011) titled, ‘Breivik’s Swamp‘, concerning the mass murder of Left-wing socialists at their hate filled youth camp at Utoya in Norway by Anders Breivik.

At the time, there was a mass media feeding frenzy going on, trying to link every known anti-Islamization activist and pundit to the mass murderer, including myself (contacted by the Helsingin Sanomat), in an attempt to disparage the movement as a whole, we were to be held responsible for the homicidal maniac’s deed.

Toby Archer (who I have met some years ago at an embassy function) was one of the main voices in Finland spearheading the drive to smear the Counter-Jihad, as well as connecting it to Anders Breivik. He wrote a piece (below) that was part of a larger report called Countering the Counter-Jihad.

In light of the recent repudiation of the Counter-Jihad by Brievik, in that he used his bizarrely concocted manifesto in order to connect his murderous actions with the Counter-Jihad in order to destroy it, makes all the blather by Archer (and Jussi Jalonen) both empty, juvenile and odd sounding. Breivik was at the time (still is) a National Socialist, and a racist, something of which the Counter-Jihad has nothing to do with, and was something of which both knuckle heads knew, but rejected (from a political perspective) as mere subterfuge.

Now it’s time for a serious mea culpa, but don’t hold your breath, the Left are never known for their intellectual honesty, on the contrary, they are the champions of mediocrity, so Archer can expect a medal for his nonsense sometime in the future.

Archer explains in ‘Breivik’s Swamp’

Many of the first articles in the international media trying to understand Breivik called him a far-right extremist. While this is perhaps true in the widest sense, the label confuses more than it explains. The post-war European far-right has tended to be neo-Nazi and fascist. Most of these groups, be they political parties in some countries or barely organized football hooligans in others, have on the whole shared an obsession with Jews as the evil “other,” and the connections and cross fertilization between European fascists and the North American far-right in its various forms — from the Christian Identity movement to right-wing militias to some so-called paleoconservatives — has long been well documented and understood.

In contrast, the counter-jihad movement defines itself in part in opposition to neo-Nazis, indeed taking great pains to attempt to show that the Nazis were “socialists.” This is taken to rather silly lengths where modern European social democrats (and even U.S. President Barack Obama and American Democrats) are called “socialists” alongside other “socialists” like Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Marx and — of course — Hitler. Breivik’s manifesto reproduces in full an essay by a well-known Norwegian counter-jihad writer called only “Fjordman” that argues that Socialists and Nazis are one. This may seem ridiculous to anyone with a grasp of modern world history,but clearly was very important in leading Breivik to target a youth camp of the Norwegian Labour Party.

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  1. “…..youth camp of the Norwegian Labour Party.”
    has NSDAP become Norwegian Social Democrat ArbeiterParti?

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