George Soros Statism



But first a word from Ronald Reagan:

“It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

Portrait Of Ronald Reagan

George Soros bashes Tea Party, laments ‘absence of proper global governance’ 

He wrote,

“…the polarization of U.S. politics shows signs of reversing. The two-party system worked reasonably well for two centuries because both parties had to compete for the middle ground in general elections. Then the Republican Party was captured by a coalition of religious and market fundamentalists, later reinforced by neoconservatives that moved it to a far-right extreme…Eventually, the Republican Party’s Tea Party wing overplayed its hand. After the recent debacle of the government shutdown, what remains of the Republican establishment has begun fighting back, and this should lead to a revival of the two-party system.”

NOTE: The Democrat party for the last century has been at war with the U.S. Constitution, with the Republican party, bit by bit, being sucked into its vortex. Those who resist the trend to ever more government intrusion into the individual’s private affairs, have had enough. That means with not only the Democrats, but also with the get-along, managing-the-mess type of Republican leadership.

Soros has the nerve to talk about the US political system, as if he knows, understands and actually agrees with its founding document, that was crafted to thwart, or at least to hold back to some degree, the masterminds and geniuses George Soros represents. I could say that it’s a testament to the age that we live in that anyone gives a hoot what the man says, but with the money he is able to bring to bear to support one radical Left-wing group after the other, he remains a serious menace to liberty and the free market system, and needs to followed and debunked each and every time.

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