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“Of course children can be influenced and may want different kinds of toys. That’s the way it has always been. When my own children were small they wanted Playmobil toys. However it’s the parents’ responsibility to guide their children,” she told the daily.

NOTE: A sad note however, most loyal adherents to the nanny state have pretty much given up parenting, having become wards of the state themselves, they easily relegate their own responsibility of raising their kids to the state. A circle of servitude.

Swedish parents see red over Angry Birds-themed playground

A growing Finnish export – Angry Birds-themed playgrounds – is causing parents in a west coast Swedish town to see red. The parents say that using the whimsical pigs and birds featured in the highly popular game in playground equipment constitutes product placement.

Angry Birds -leikkipuisto Rovaniemellä
This Angry Birds themed activity park is located in Rovaniemi. For parents in a Swedish community, it’s not all innocent fun, but commercial exploitation. Image: Sauli Antikainen / Yle

The local paper Bohusläningen reports that parents are madder than the angry birds featured in a refitted play park in Uddevalla, on Sweden’s west coast. According to the daily, parents see the presence of the playful figures as a form of advertising for the Finnish hit game, Angry Birds.

“What were local officials thinking when they bought play equipment that exposes children to a well-known brand? Have they even thought at all?” asked one local father, Hannes Brage.

“Would McDonald’s put a Ronald McDonald ad here?” he added.

The Angry Birds figures have been painted on some of the park equipment, as well as on park benches and trash cans. The refurbishment cost the local city council some 5,700 euros. Parks director Agneta Johansson said however that the Angry Birds theme was selected solely for the amusement of the local children.

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