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No Alcohol Sales to Minors: Trade Union Afraid of Violence

Since the beginning of this year, no alcohol can be sold to youths under the age of 18. On the basis of research, the trade union CNV Dienstenbond said that 55% of supermarket personnel expects increased aggression as a result of this law. Verbal and physical violence are the result of requests from cashiers for identification from clients. According to the research, 16% of supermarket employees face problems at least once a week with the sale of alcohol. The trade union has opened a monitoring service to get a better handle on this situation.


Half of sex attackers, violent criminals and burglars avoid jailAn inquiry by the National Audit Office (NAO) said that removing more foreign nationals would help reduce prison numbers and save millions of pounds of taxpayer’s money.

Half of convicted child sex attackers, violent criminals and burglars are walking free from court amid claims that justice system is failing victims

Tens of thousands of serious offenders are walking free from court Photo: PA

By , Senior Political Correspondent

8:25PM GMT 07 Jan 2014

Half of convicted sex attackers, violent criminals and burglars are avoiding prison despite government pledges to end “soft” sentences, official figures have revealed.

More than 65,000 serious criminals walked free despite being convicted of a range of offences including rape, sexual assault, manslaughter, grievous bodily harm and robbery.

Just 53 per cent of convicted paedophiles who abused children under the age of 13 were jailed in 2012, while half of drug dealers also escaped jail. Overall, just one in four criminals were sent to prison when lesser sentences were taken into account.

The figures are likely to embarrass the Conservatives. Chris Grayling, the justice secretary who has positioned himself as a Tory traditionalist on law and order in contrast to Ken Clarke, his more liberal predecessor.

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“The Vatican is a paradise for gays”

For more than 500 years the Swiss Guards guarded the Pope and the Vatican. An ex-guardsman complains now: The Swiss not only serve to protect the clergy, but also as an object of desire. By Tobias Bayer, Milan

 A former member of the Swiss Guard raises serious allegations against the Vatican

Photo: picture alliance / dpaA former member of the Swiss Guard raises serious allegations against the Vatican 

Young, strong and excellently trained. The recording conditions of the Swiss Guard are strict. Between 19 and 30 years old, at least 1.74 meters tall, athletic, impeccable reputation and a visit to the school recruits are required. The tight criteria are not surprising, after all, guarding the Swiss Guard for more than 500 years, the Pope and the Vatican. But it is believed a former Swiss Guards, then used the 110-strong force not only to protect, but also as an object of desire of some clerics.

An ex-guardsman now poured his heart the newspaper “Switzerland on Sunday” from. During the pontificate of John Paul II, he got by 20 clergy Sexangebote. Not only priests, but also bishops and cardinals he was allegedly harassed, confessed to the man whose name the newspaper not divulged. He was out in the interview below the initial “G.” His bitter conclusion after several years of service: is “The Vatican is a paradise for gays.”

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U.S. warns citizens against Hamburg danger area

After the renewed riots around the Rote Flora, the U.S. Embassy warns its citizens in a security notice before demonstrations in Hamburg. In St. Pauli, meanwhile, police were attacked.

 Hooded demonstrators in front of the cultural center Rote Flora in the Schanze district in Hamburg
Photo: APHooded demonstrators in front of the cultural center Rote Flora in the Schanze district in Hamburg

After a peaceful spontaneous demonstration in Hamburg against the controversial risk area in the town of about 100 people have rioted. A police spokesman said early Wednesday morning, had been thrown out of the group at night, near the metro station Schlump the Schanze quarter fireworks at police. Was injured, according to initial findings on both sides no one. The officers took 17 people into custody.

Nearly 600 people from the left spectrum had the evening demonstrated in the St. Pauli district against the danger area set up by the police. Again, there was sporadic firecrackers, otherwise the spontaneous rally remained pending, according to police but peaceful. Apparently parts of the demonstrators then moved into the neighborhood Schanze on.

The U.S. Embassy, ​​meanwhile, has spread to a newspaper report by e-mail a warning to fellow countrymen who live in Hamburg or the city would like to visit in the next few days. You should exercise caution in the danger area declared exclusion zone, “especially in the vicinity of large gatherings, protests or demonstrations,” citing the “Tagesspiegel” from the mail.

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