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What in the world has become of the U.S.?

Here in Finland they do this all the time, and it’s mandatory to stop, wait for them to shove a plastic blow whistle into your mouth, and then you can proceed on your way, in spite of no probable cause (suspicion) whatsoever that you’ve done something wrong.

NOTE: I always make it a point to (politely) give them a piece of my mind why I think it violates my civil rights, in spite of it being de facto Finnish law. They always say that ”it saves lives” though the rest of the time they spend little on Finnish roads observing traffic. Stopping people for probable cause only might sound like a less effective way in dealing with drunk driving, but it’s the price we have to pay of securing, maintaining a free society, and well worth it.

finnish police enforce breath test

Voluntary government checkpoints spark backlash


Checkpoints, which the government insists are voluntary, are creating a backlash because of the presence of uniformed police officers. Some police departments won’t participate anymore.

A tactic used by the federal government to gather information for anti-drunken and drugged driving programs is coming under criticism in cities around the country, and some local police agencies say they will no longer take part.

The tactic involves a subcontractor for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that uses off-duty but uniformed police at voluntary roadside checkpoints where motorists are asked on their behavior behind the wheel. In some cases, workers at the checkpoints collect blood and saliva samples, in addition to breath samples. NHTSA has said previously that the surveys do not collect any DNA. Drivers are not charged at the checkpoints.

In an era of rampant distrust of the federal government and in the wake of the Obama administration’s National Security Agency surveillance scandal in which the agency has collected telephone calling records from millions of unsuspecting Americans, the checkpoints have come under intense criticism in several cities this year.

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  1. That’s how an Orwellian Police State is implemented taking away one freedom or right at a time, till they are all gone. Of course we are always fed the BS line “but it is for our own good or safety”.

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