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I can’t think of any better reason to get out of the EU, than it’s constant statist march towards hard-fisted conformity, with the loudest radical voices getting extra special attention and protection.

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H/T: Stefan Metzeler: The Swiss federal court ruled – twice – that it was ok to criticize Islam, as it was a political ideology. That ruling will hold.

EU wants to introduce new authority to monitor the tolerance

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The EU Parliament is to educate its citizens to be more tolerant. “False accusations” and joking around about feminism accordingly can be applied as serious criminal offense. For monitoring of a “climate of tolerance” is a new agency to be created. Your unofficial motto: zero tolerance for violation of the tolerance rules.

Denigration of feminism, as seen here on Rose Monday in Cologne (right) should no longer be allowed in the EU in the future.  (Photo: Reuters)

Denigration of feminism, as seen here on Rose Monday in Cologne (right), will in future no longer be allowed in the EU.(Photo: Reuters)

The European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation has a statute submitted, to be adopted by the EU Parliament. It calls for, among other things, that the “anti-feminism” is to be fought.

The goal of the statute is to “ to take concrete measures” to the fight against intolerance, especially with regard to racism, color prejudice, racial discrimination, religious intolerance, totalitarian ideologies, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, anti-feminism and homophobia “(section 2e).

Apparently it does not require the statute to fight the oppression of women. Instead, the battle is against “anti-feminism” was announced, so is the critique of feminism. Telepolis doubts that this fight against criticism would be compatible  with Article 5 of the German Constitution in which the freedom of expression is protected, the press, art and the freedom of science.

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NOTE: Vlad sends me the following link to a post of his, that pretty much sums up the mindset that we are up against. We are really living in dangerous time folks, the circle of liberty is shrinking more and more, and in the name of ‘tolerance’ we are slowly being corralled into a pen to be dealt with. Even mere apologies are not enough for them, you have to be enraptured with the new mind-think as well, so much so, that you’ll await your bullet with glee.

UK seems to be at a sort of ‘stage three’ of creating a totalitarian regime. If I were planning to force a nation into ideological servitude and guarantee its hegemony I would do it in stages.

Stage one would be to change the fashion of the culture so that certain ideas or statements or kinds of speech or symbols would make you a pariah. Ideally till you couldn’t say anything, even if it is clearly and obviously true, without being hated or scorned or dismissed and maybe even losing your job and if you are a public figure, humiliated as well.

Stage two would be to criminalize it so that there was no longer a choice at all in the matter. Ideas which a decade ago were obvious and central dogma are now actually criminal and even people who might agree with you would blush and look both ways if you mentioned something out of the narrative even if it is still illegal to be with the narrative in practice. Homosexual marriage in the US for example. (I will catch flak just for saying, “homosexual marriage” instead of “Gay marriage” for one real-time example, because homosexual groups have taken the word ‘gay’ and made it into something quite repugnant to its old meaning and demand we use that.) For examples too numerous to list please see arrests in the UK for merely saying words that totalitarians find objectionable in any context, as they insist that the context must be the one they say it is, rendering all who use these words, symbols and ideas guilty irrespective of their own meaning or purpose. (One exception is if the user is actually trying to enforce the new totalitarian narrative. Then these tools are permitted)

Stage three has now begun in the UK where you look into the past and persecute people who said things or used ideas and symbols that were central dogma to the period, meant no harm then, and had an utterly different context than they might under the new ideological regime and persecute them for it as if they had said these things today and meant them maliciously. This would mean that the transformation from a free society where people were able to experiment with thoughts and ideas, to freely say things that might offend or freely say things that might better all mankind is nearly over and already partially buried. It is the signal that none of us are free from the state even if we are in goose step perfect sync with the new narrative. Because someone just needs to remember something we said as kids and we go on a list.

Stage four will be where those people on the list go to provide free labour to the state. The Russians had a word for them. The UK will be more clever about it I’m sure.

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  1. Here’s the thing. The people REelect these traitors to freedom. Do they want the totalitarian state? They elect people who do.

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