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 Not all is doom and gloom.

lori lowenthal markus resurgence of pro-israel initiatives on us campuses for 2013

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There was so many new and/or successful pro-Israel initiatives on U.S. campuses in 2013, that, in order to explain how creative and successful each was, it warranted a two part article.

This is the second part, the first ran on December 31, “Guess What: 2013 was a Great Pro-Israel Year on US Campuses!”

Most of the stars reported here were born out of some stalwart’s refusal to allow the anti-Israel forces to get away with the kind of mischief they have enjoyed for far too long on far too many campuses.

Hat’s off to the initial seven and to the following five:

8.  A brand new, student conceived of and run organization was created in late 2013 in response to a specific event, but so generalizable, it’s a surprise it took this long for pro-Israel students on U.S. campuses to create.

The name of this new initiative is Students for Accuracy about Israeli and Palestinian Affairs. According to Daniel Mael, co-founder and Brandeis University junior from Newton, Massachusetts, SAIPA was not created as a “hasbara” organization. Instead, it is intended to ensure that public conversations or events about the Arab-Israeli conflict take place before an audience that has been provided with accurate facts and appropriate context.

Think of SAIPA as a CAMERA-like organization that deals with campus events about the Middle East, rather than with media coverage of the Middle East.

More here.

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  1. With a string of constant bad news stories, this one made me smile.

    As a university student myself, these two articles hit close to home. Luckily, while my university isn’t a bastion of support for Israel (our Hillel organization is pretty passive though it does have contacts with the IDF), the “Israel Apartheid” movement is happily Dead on Arrival. Their rallies barely draw a crowd of 30, and most of my peers at my particular university tend to see the Palestinian issue in less black and white terms of “oppressed Palestinian, big bad Israel”. Most will acknowledge Israel’s tremendous human rights record and be a little more critical of Hamas.

    It’s nice to see fellow youth get active on the right side of issues for a change. This is why I’m so attached to Generation Identitaire and other Identity movements in Europe as they hail from my generation, and are who I will be fighting alongside against Islam in the near future. As well, I think the surprising success of pro-Israel activism can be applied against Islam, in that the same principles of getting tough, getting organized, and getting as equally in-your-face as they are to us, will go miles in turning the tide in our favour.

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