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Police warns of further attacks in Hamburg

The left-wing extremist scene in the Hanseatic city could strike again violent: In a secret analysis of state security is warned of new attacks on police and politicians. André From Zand Vakili

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This part of Hamburg is considered the danger zone<br /><br />

Photo: Infographics WorldThis part of Hamburg is regarded as a danger area

Fuelled by the partial violent clashes with the police and the Senate left-wing extremist scene in Hamburg has become larger, younger and more violent. This emerges from a secret analysis of the state security department of the Hamburg State Office of Criminal Investigation.

Left-wing extremists had succeeded, with topics such as ” Lampedusa refugees “,” Esso houses “and” Rote Flora politicizing “many young people and give them a clear” enemy “. “Overall, it’s the left-wing extremist scene managed by the campaign of the last few months to create a greater sense of belonging and to politicize new, younger people potential,” says the secret document which is intended “only for official use only” and the “Hamburger Abendblatt” present.

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